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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » PSP Therapy from Allergie-Immun

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Author Topic: PSP Therapy from Allergie-Immun
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I'm getting hammered with emails requesting copies of test results now, so, for the sake of taking this sidebar post off the CORE thread, you can post here if you want.

Yes, I'll be happy to email a copy of my initial DNA test results to anyone who is interested in seeing what it looks like. For my own personal ease, please send an email to me for a pdf copy and don't post your request on this thread. Post Q&A / discussion here if you want...Thanks!

[email protected]

cane - I understand what you're asking and am rather disappointed at some of the vague, or ignored questions/info regarding PSP posted on this thread. Here's my take and I am currently using PSP therapy...

1. "There are no downsides" - Depends on how one defines "downside" or "crash". At least 50% of those taking PSP therapy and posting on the AI thread report severe fatigue to absolute exhaustion for anywhere from about the first 3 to 6 months, plus other issues. You will have to read the thread for yourself in order to make your own determinations regarding the risks (esp. of you're holding down a job away from your home). The original poster of the AI thread, 'ericaf' stopped PSP quickly after beginning the therapy because she couldn't handle the effects of it - "downside", more plainly, "crash". No matter how you define the terms, it qualifies as both.

2. PSP therapy is "permanent" - NO! Even the makers of the therapy recommend it to be repeated in order to keep the DNA as clean as possible and pathways open!

3. There are no permanent damages with PSP therapy. - Nobody really "knows" the answer to this question, I don't care what they say, or what "testimonials" are posted on anyone's website. Take the testimonials with a grain of salt. Anyone can post most anything, anywhere, without any proof of any efficacy whatsoever. However, in my own, personal case , at my age and considering the issues, PSP is worth the risk.

4. PSP is easy - While the application (5 drops/tid) might be easy, the effects of the therapy certainly are not! There are binders and others modalities that best accompany this therapy, or it could kick your rear. (See #1 and read the AI thread.)

5. Dr. K is trying PSP on himself - Fine. This would be a good thing; but until I see HIM put it in writing, it's heresay.

Cane, since I sent you a copy of my original DNA test results, I'll be happy to try to answer your questions as plainly as possible; without wordsmithing, or adding 'sunshine' in places that are truly dark.

[email protected]

[ 03-05-2010, 04:03 PM: Message edited by: ping ]

"We are more than containers for Lyme"

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Up, for 'thejoje' and any others interested in PSP.

"We are more than containers for Lyme"

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I am currently awaiting round 9. Please don't believe for a second that "there's no downside" to PSP; that's a misleading statement.

PSP is NOT easy. I've experienced chronic fatigue and some depression, as well as a myriad of physical sx's. Also, PSP hasn't yet done a thing for my severe hypertension, but am holding off judgement on that until a year after completion of drops.

If you're on abx, please don't quit to do PSP!

"We are more than containers for Lyme"

Posts: 1302 | From Back in TX again | Registered: Mar 2005  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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I am on my 12th round and have a different opinion. AI has been a very positive part of my healing.

I have also had personal email with Dr. K. and personal face to face conversations with S. at the most recent ART seminar about AI...very only facts and no heresay from me! I am encouraged to stay on course!

We are all different with our body burden, trying the same modalities.

I suggest to follow those who you know and trust...that do their recommended therapies correctly and follow them through...and patiently with improvement.

Contact the ones who make the therapy...understand it...and meet with MD"s who are doing it.

Follow the results of those who have similar health issues...and similar mind sets toward healing.

Get to know the individuals who are recommending things to you.

I have done this successfully with AI...and seem to have similar regulations with certain individuals that I speak with regularly...

But I have not been on ABX or other drugs/therapies during the AI therapy...only pre-AI therapy.

Regulation is happening much easier for me than some others post...but I have gone through the old injuries from the past...not at the same intensity at all...very experience is much milder than posted above by others.

I do believe those who post about having a very hard time, are having a very hard time. But there are others like me who are not having a very hard time...just occasional annoying old pains and aches..that come and go within a day to three days...and never have come back!

I have posted regularly on the AI thread over the past year...and hopefully people are not magnifying the intensity of the aches and pains I have posted...they are not too hard at all...they are mild , especially as now I am looking at the finish line. I believe I am nearing the end and am feeling fantastic...and back to my old life pre-illness.

So I cannot compare myself with those who are on other treatments and therapies. I can only guess the reasons why I, my daughter and my neighbors are doing well with it....we are not on any drugs and only taking food grade binders and support occasionally when needed with the AI therapy.

WE also do not have MS or other severely debilitating illnesses, and have been very proactive in the beginning of our chronic conditions.

I believe that is why we are flying through it, and others are having a harder time!

Doing the therapy is easy for all...meaning how you take the drops, under the tongue three times a day for two weeks...send in the new saliva when done, etc.

The dysregulatins you face are individual...that is where each differs.

So from my personal experience and from what I have heard first hand from others, I do not suggest anyone to do the AI therapy prior to finishing their initial antibiotic therapy...I would say...finish your drug therapy, get rid of co-infections if you can in an appropriate length of time for it to work and be evaluated by your LLMD...and see if anything cleared..., and when you are ready to "clean house"...and feel well enough to move in the detox direction...then do the therapy..

Do not rush things in the appropriate order and timing.

Then trust your instincts to know when enough is enough...and all that can be cleared has been cleared. to know you are ready for the natural clearing....

Or know yourself...that you do not have the mental, emotional or physical strength at the time, or trust in the protocol, to think of getting off abx or the thing that is allowing you to have some quality of life. You have choices.

That is what I did and believe was the best way for me. I followed my instincts, and was ready to go an unknown road of the natural...I felt right all along about it. There has been no downside for me at all!

I do not consider the occasional feelings, aches and pains that come with regulation a downside...only the way through toward health.

Taking ABX or other things will not preclude anyone from the AI therapy...but I haven't heard of one person who regulated completely while still adding things to their body that keep it from regulating naturally. Does not make sense to do this in my opinion. Regulation should take longer...and possible have more issues to deal with...

Anyone who would like help with AI who would like support, you are welcome to contact me as well. None of my posts this whole past year are vague at all...on the contrary, I post personal, and private type info in hopes of helping others with my vulnerability.

I have heard from many who appreciate my details...and most of you have stated you are uncomfortable posting you experiences with AI, due to the negative comments some are no one needs negativity when they are trying to heal or get over anxiety...we need encouragement. Some are still just observing...I wish you all well!

The more you research and understand, the better decision you will make.

And know we are all different...

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up, anybody else?

Again, please do not think that PSP is going to be "easy". You could have quite a rough time of it, esp. during the first few rounds and during the beginning days of each new round.

"We are more than containers for Lyme"

Posts: 1302 | From Back in TX again | Registered: Mar 2005  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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I had a rough time already in the first round and was advised to take less drops (only three).
But I was amazed that AI obviously found the weakest point and can influence the body - although it was too much.

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Allergie Immun is a work of wonder under construction once you get into it. You will not get the full effect until the errors have been found and corrected. No doubt, it is the best thing ever to come along when problems have turned chronic.

Ping, I posted the fact that Dr. K. is doing the therapy himself several months ago. He told me last night again and said he is recommending it to patients because he recognizes the results. He said he has not slept as good in years. I noticed recently his name is on the AI website homepage.

For anyone interested, their rate of success is near 80%. Read their study readily available on their website.

There will always be - no matter what - some people who will not succeed or where it is not possible for other reasons.

I think a positive attitude and becoming familiar with the therapy and how it works is important. The longer the chronic condition, the longer it will take to undo the "damage" which always is accompanied by detoxing. That is where we need to help ourselves. Some need more support than others. My son, who does not have Lyme, needs nothing and simply becomes more fun to be around because he is gradually loosing his stuffy head/nose/throat that had been a part of his life for years.

Being on antibiotics while on AI is of little benefit because abx turn down/turn off the immun system, one of the major reasons many of us are having problems with chronic conditions. This is a decision everyone has to think about carefully. Some people who did other protocols on the side could not be tested and had to stop because the dysregulations cannot be tested/found. Whoever is in doubt, it is best to read the thread and then decide -- and do read the English portion and all the links on their website. It helps.

Take care.

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I'm pretty sure I published my experiences throughout and when I had a rough round, I shared that. I was pretty frank when I completed in saying that my final round was brutal!

You do need to help yourself when it it rough, less drops, detox whatever. Some of us are extremely toxic and others not.

The tough times I had were nothing like the tough times I had with abx. Who knows what this may have saved me from down the road.

As I just wrote on the long AI thread, my husband completed in 7 rounds and never felt much of anything. My neighbor is also sailing through it.

It is different for everyone.

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Up. Anybody else?

"We are more than containers for Lyme"

Posts: 1302 | From Back in TX again | Registered: Mar 2005  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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