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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » Dental and sinus connection?

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Author Topic: Dental and sinus connection?
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Most of my symptoms are from the neck up. I lost all hearing in my left ear (suddenly about 7 years ago with serious vestibular damage on the same side, followed by odd symptoms in my face and skull.) This eventually led to dx of Lyme disease almost a year later.

I have been treating for lyme and co. since late 2011, using both oral and IV ABX, as well as herbs and unconventional treatments including RIFE, ASYRA, heavy metal detox, and now being treated for CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome) related to mold and biotoxins.

I have had multiple MRI's, cat scans, a pet scan, and more. I have also had many dental x-rays including cone-beam and cavitat, which did show some evidence of possible dental cavitations and thinning bone. I subsequently had ozone treatment (so painful...) by one of the best biological dentists in the country but my symptoms did not improve.

I had a dental implant in upper left molar in 2008 and had it removed 3 years ago, despite it being perfectly functional and with no sign of problems. I was convinced it had to be the cause of my symptoms, because it was in the area everything seemed to originate.

I still have very odd sensations in my jaw,face and skull and don't know what to make of it. I wish I could express all of this better than I do here. For years, I have had this feeling that something isn't right in my left upper jaw and skull (left mastoid bone?).

Speed ahead, and I have the same symptoms, only they are worsening, despite removal of my dental implant. I have had 2 tooth extractions in upper left jaw. Both were done properly by good oral surgeons who removed all of the ligament.

Despite this, I continue to have strange and distressing symptoms in my upper left jaw. I hear and feel sizzling sensations and it feels as though a fluid is slowly leaking into my gums - perhaps from a salivary gland? or a fistula from some sort of infection?

God, I wish I knew. I am so tired of this. The sizzling is so bad that sometimes, I wonder if there could be parasites in there causing all of this! I also have the sensation of my skull being squeezed with lots of pressure. My head feels like a pressure cooker with the steam sizzling out of my left ear and gums!

A scan of my sinuses shows a cyst on the floor of my maxillary sinus, directly above where the dental implant had been. This is where my sizzling sensations seem to originate. All the ENTs I have seen tell me it is benign and not related to my symptoms.

I am embarrassed to write about this because it just seems so out there! I have not had any recent dental x-rays or scans/MRI's but dont' know whether it is time to request more or just live with it and assume that this is all related to tick borne illness. I am considering dental cavitation surgery, but so scared.

I would love to hear from any others who have had similar symptoms - or advice for me. Thank you in advance!

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Did you try neural therapy? Sometimes it's the damage of the infection / implant / heavy metals or chemicals that leaves an interference field in the place, even when the problem has been taken away.

it' s a bit like a bad cellular memory that continues to produce symptoms or block meridians or circulation...

ART can find these interference fields, if they are bad (kinesiological tests).

The only treatment you did for the cavitation were ozone injections? How do you know they healed the bone?

I had to do an open cleansing of the bones... I cleaned 7 cavitations, and all of them were fine (so far, years after them), except for one.

This one had very deep bone infiltrations, going up to my eye, so the dentist was unable to clean it all (remove dead bone, I mean).... he would have to have taken my whole left cheekbone...

But all other 6 cavitation surgeries went well, I'm satisfied, except for that single one (the worst spot). I'm thinking what to do too, in case my pulsed infrared does not work...

It does seem to me like cavitation problems, the way you describe it.

Cavitation surgery is not that bad. It is MUCH less worse than SUFFERING the pain and infections.

it is pretty fast, in fact. The worst part of it is the LOSS of teeth (they were dead, but still, I was attached emotionally to my dead teeth)...

Cavitation surgery is simple: they clean the bone after removing the tooth, that's it...

It takes 5 minutes to remove a tooth, and about 30 minutes to clean the area. Then they simply let it open, to heal.

It takes 1 week for the wound to heal partially: it almost closes, you go back to the surgeon for him to clean the wound and take a look. Then you're done!

it's not that complicate. The worst for me, was to keep those bones infected for so long, and all the suffering that went with: fatigue, specially, dull pain, an impression something was very wrong in my jaws....

Courage!! It's not that bad. Specially, if successful: the dull jaw pain goes away THE day of the surgery!!! Never to return.

Just one of the affected sinuses is coming back for me. But I know why: too deep wound, as I waited too long to treat it. About 5 years after the tooth died due to lyme, in an awful infection.

I waited about 5 years to do the cavitation. I wished I had done that before, but I was busy
with lyme treatment...

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I have the same issues. There is no question that I need several teeth removed due to metals and root canals, but I also struggle with the idea of having no teeth.

In my case... I believe it is parasites attacking my jaw, face and gums. That doesn't mean I don't need to get all of these metals removed.

If you go onto to facebook and look at the parasite groups, you will see that most of the people have problems in that area.

I'm so sorry that you are going through this. It seems that we need to contend with just about everything including losing teeth.

Posts: 2232 | From USA | Registered: Aug 2009  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Thanks, Brussels, for sharing your experience. It really helps to communicate with others who have been through this. I have read so many pros and cons about doing the cavitation surgery on a dental cavitation Facebook group, hearing that there are many that fail and cause more misery. This is what I am scared of.

Haley, thanks for your input. I totally get your concern about parasites. It sounds so crazy, but I worry about the same thing. At the time I had my ozone treatment, there was a woman seeing the same dentist I did, who confided to me that a different dentist had found parasites in her jaw during previous cavitation surgery. It totally freaked me out and has troubled me since that time. I will try to look at some of the groups on FB...

Brussels, I have not done neural therapy and perhaps need to investigate this. I have been using my TESLA wand and it provides some relief, I think. I will keep using that and perhaps get my courage up to go ahead and have the surgery.

The periodontist who would be doing it wanted to cover all 4 quadrants where my wisdom teeth were removed many decades ago. He was going to just use novocaine and do everything at once, which totally blew me away - as I can't imagine I can hold my mouth opened for that long while I am conscious! And then to think about the recovery in all 4 quadrants just seems insane to me. I would have to divide it up, I think.

He comes highly recommended but I am still very anxious about the whole thing. I would prefer to be sedated but the cost is so expensive, never mind adding the cost of sedation! I have an appointment for another consult and conebeam x-ray next month.

Posts: 2360 | From New England | Registered: Aug 2011  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Brussels     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Oh I see... I guess, like with everything, it depends on the skills of the practitioner!

My lyme doctor was beside me, during the whole procedure, at the surgeon's... He takes cavitation surgeries seriously.

So I had these 2 guys poking in my mouth, one testing it energetically to find hidden spots of infection, the other following his instructions.

Then after, the surgeon produced a homeopathic nosode with my dead teeth crushed. So that I could get the information to fight whatever infections were left.

So I did not even take antibiotics. Not a single dose, only the nosodes and other homeopathic substances (staphisagria for example).

If your dentist is good, well... I would try it, because sinus / jaw / teeth problems do not disappear very easily on its own...

THe novocaine injections could be like a neural therapy, I suppose? Have you asked him?

Yep, the Tesla always helped me, at least, it helps me with pain and circulation.

Oh... 4 quadrants at once seems to me too much too. Specially because after, how are you going to eat?

I did that once, at a young age, before lyme, and suffered a bit for about 2 weeks, I think. But it was only to remove teeth, and they did that under full anesthetics...

I had many teeth to be removed, but my lyme doctor said: do it one at a time or max 2 at a time.

We aren't like normal people, if you see what I mean. We are weaker, immuno compromised, detox pathways usually are full... so that is what my lyme doctor recommended.

the surgeon followed the doctor, so I did not have to convince him.

I guess your fears have some solid background. Why don't you try to convince him to do only one side at each time?

Posts: 6196 | From Brussels | Registered: Oct 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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