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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » General Support » Started Doxy about a week and a half ago...side effects?

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Author Topic: Started Doxy about a week and a half ago...side effects?
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I was diagnosed with Lyme 2 weeks ago, after a full year of many doctors.

I was started on Doxy 100mg 2x a day. My symptoms have gotten worse. In the past few days I have been getting a sensation of my throat closing up (glands swollen), and the dizziness has increased quite a bit. Also, pressure in my head, and my feeling of anxiety has increased a lot.

I have had these sensations before, but seems worse on the Doxy. Has anybody else had these problems with Doxy?

Lyme IgM: +18, +31, +34, +39, ++41, +58 and 83-93 is Indeterminate.

Currently pulsing IV Flagyl and Rocephin. As well as daily Mepron and Azithromycin.

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Once you start treating lyme disease, you feel worse before you feel better. That is probably what is happening to you.

You see, when the medication starts killing the bacteria, the dead bacteria makes you feel lousy. It takes some time for the body to get rid of the dead bacteria.

You can help yourself detoxify from the dead bacteria by drinking lots of water and squeezing fresh lemons into the water. My lyme doc said lemons are a natural cleanser of the body. He wanted me to eat 4 per day as long as I was taking meds for lyme. So, I suggest you do the same also.

By the way, I had undiagnosed lyme disease for at least 10 years. I completed my lyme treatment 5 years ago and I am still symptom-free, enjoying my life!

Each time the doctor changes your meds, you can expect the same reaction--feeling lousy. That means the meds are killing something.

However, I'll bet you are not treating with a doc who specializes in lyme disease. If I am right on that, you will not be given medication long enough to really get rid of this disease.

So, post in "Seeking a Doctor" forum and ask for names of lyme docs in your area. Then, get to a good lyme doc who will test you through Igenex (a tick borne disease specialty lab in Calif) for all tick borne diseases. Nearly everyone with lyme disease has at least 2 other tick borne diseases also. These other diseases are called coinfections.

I had babesiosis and bartonella along with my lyme. These are the 3 everyone in Maryland gets when they get lyme disease.

So, you have a lot to learn. If you are undertreated now, the lyme will just resurface later and it will be more difficult to get rid of it.

To get an education in this disease, read the Dr. Joseph Burrascano lyme treatment guidelines found here:

Dr. Burrascano is the lyme disease guru of the U.S. and the world. He treated lyme disease for over 25 years in the Hamptons. This document is not an easy read because it was meant to teach other doctors how to treat lyme properly, but it will give you your degree in lyme disease.

Any time you start meds and get previous lyme symptoms back, only worse, you can be sure that is the result of the medication killing the disease.

Please get yourself to a good lyme doc asap.

Glad you found this site.

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Member # 24803

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THANKS! yes, the doctor who diagnosed me heads up Lyme research at NYU, but he is admittedly a "conventional doctor" I have an appointment with an LLMD in Connecticut. (referred by this site) I made the appointment in February, see him in May!!! I suspect there is more to it, like you said. In the mean time I'm just trying to do what I can to feel better.

Whatever this guy in Connecticut says will be the course of action I take....

Thanks for the advice on the water, I am very thirsty and have dry mouth also....

Lyme IgM: +18, +31, +34, +39, ++41, +58 and 83-93 is Indeterminate.

Currently pulsing IV Flagyl and Rocephin. As well as daily Mepron and Azithromycin.

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Lyme and the coinfections gave me dry eye and dry mouth. Both were so bad I had to doctor for each of them.

So many lymies have dry mouth that you can tell who they are--they are the people who carry water with them wherever they go. They keep on sipping it all day long to try to relieve the dry mouth.

They take it into the doctor's office with them, etc.

Good lyme treatment got rid of these symptoms for me.

Posts: 9931 | From Maryland | Registered: Dec 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Hi,The only problems i have with doxy is sunburn.

I burn to a crispy critter.


Posts: 3858 | From Ohio | Registered: Oct 2000  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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The feeling of the throat closing up has been one of my signature symptoms of LD; and swollen glands; But a word of can also be a side effect of many medications.

The way I knew it wasn't a side effect for me was that I had the symptom before Lyme treatment and off and on no matter what med I was on during lyme treatment.

After treating for 2 years, this symptom has started to improve the last few months. And I am on doxy now!

It is possible that you are experiencing a herxheimer reaction; but I would definetly pay close attention in case it is actually a serious side effect of the doxy.

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You stated: " . . . throat closing up (glands swollen) . . . ." (end quote)

As long as you are sure it's swollen glands and not swelling of your throat itself as in an allergic reaction. If that were the case, you'd need to seek immediate help.

However, if from swollen glands, that is common with lyme from all the toxins. A warm (never hot) bath in Epson Salts will help. Massage your neck gently and all points below that may be sore - to move lymph fluid on its way.

A warm compress may help, too. And, if the throat pressure is somewhat from muscle tightness, magnesium should help the muscles relax. (Always take magnesium at a time opposite the doxy or the doxy will not be fully absorbed. But you must have magnesium, just at a time in the middle of your doxyc. doses.


Herxheimer Reaction


* WATER. GREEN TEA. (A good one is Yogi Chai Green)

* PROBIOTICS (away from the doxy). With antibiotics, anyone can develop resultant system candida (yeast) infections. It is far, far better to prevent this. Candida is also toxic and that contributes to a herx.

* OLE. If probiotics are not enough, Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) or Pau d'arco can be very helpful.

* LIVER SUPORT- What kind did your doctor recommend? That is very important. MILK THISTLE is tops.

Liver support makes all the difference in how well one can weather a herx. And the liver needs the protection.

* SARSAPARILLA can help bind to endotoxins in the gut, and decrease herx reactions. It is used often with lyme treatment.

* MAGNESIUM and CALCIUM (**taken at opposite time from doxy**) will help calm the anxiety and so will the Milk Thistle.

* FISH OIL will also help calm anxiety and support the nerve tissue that gets so frayed from lyme toxins.

* ADRENAL support will also help calm anxiety. The whole adrenal system takes a huge hit with lyme and becomes rather dysfunction. Dr. B recommend CORDYCEPS (and it helps with breathing, too. Curcumin helps, too.

* GINGER CAPSULES can help settle the vertigo &/or nausea. Helps with lowering inflammation, too.

* Be sure to avoid even a trace of ASPARTAME and MSG. (Google for all the names they hide under). And, no alcohol. No processed foods. Aspartame and MSG are very toxic to the brain and create anxiety.


Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease (Diagnostic Hints and Treatment Guidelines for Lyme and Other Tick Borne Illnesses

Dr. Burrascano's Treatment Guidelines (2008) - 37 pages

As important as any supplements, sections regarding self-care:


and also pages 31-32 for advice on a safe, non-aerobic exercise plan and physical rehabilitation.

This is included in Burrascano's Guidelines, but you may want to be able to refer to it separately, too:

** Nutritional Supplements in Disseminated Lyme Disease **

J.J. Burrascano, Jr., MD (2008) - Four pages


Important information about treatments options and support measures, supplements and self-care: (through Amazon)


- by Kenneth B. Singleton , MD; James A. Duke. Ph.D. (Foreword)

You can read more about it here and see customer reviews.

Web site:


CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM (Cordyceps sinensis)

Cordyceps mushroom is sweet and bland in taste, and warming in action. It strengthens immunity and fortifies and heals the lungs, heart and kidneys. Used as a tonic for weakness in the elderly and to promote longevity. . . .

- Full chapter at link above.

From: The One Earth Herbal Sourcebook (Tilltoson, et. al.)


TURMERIC ROOT (Curcuma longa)

WHAT IT DOES: Turmeric root is bitter in taste and warming in action. It strongly reduces inflammation and mucus in all parts of the body, protects the liver, lungs and intestines, and helps prevent and treat cancer.
. . .

(Tilltoson, et. al.)


Curcumin Prevents Some Stress-Related Changes


PubMed Search:

Turmeric - 1517 abstracts

Curcumin - 3176 abstracts

Curcumin, pain - 25 abstracts

Curcumin, anxiety - 5 abstracts

Curcumin, inflammation - 291 abstracts

Curcumin, adrenal - 18 abstracts

Cordyceps - 502 abstracts

Magnesium, anxiety - 113 abstracts

Cordyceps, cytokines - 47 abstracts

One of those (why you want to help lower cytokines is that, during a herx, elevated cytokines are what cause such misery).

Effects of Cordyceps extract on cytokines and transcription factors in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of asthmatic children during remission stage.


. . . Conclusion: Cordyceps extract can inhibit the proliferation and differentiation of Th2 cells and reduce the expression of related cytokines . . . .

Meanwhile, it can alleviate the chronic allergic inflammation by increasing the content of IL-10.


SARSAPARILLA ROOT (Smilax species)

WHAT IT DOES: Sarsaparilla root is sweet and bland in taste, and neutral in action. It removes toxins from the bowel, and reduces inflammation and dampness from the blood, liver, urinary system and skin.

(Tilltoson, et. al.)

PubMed Search:

Smilax - 131 abstracts

Sarsaparilla - 144 abstracts

Smilax glabra - 35 abstracts


LIVER SUPPORT LINKS are 3/4 of the way down the page here:

Specific for LYME patients - lots of details about ears and what can help:;f=1;t=065801

Topic: TINNITUS: Ringing Between The Ears; Vestibular, Vertigo, Balance, Hearing with compiled links - including HYPERACUSIS


Underactive Adrenal Gland - Stresses and Problems with the Body's 'Gear Box' - by Dr. Sarah Myhill, MD


Many libraries carry this book and you can read 95 customer reviews here (average 4.5 star out of 5) AND see inside the book:

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome

~ James L. Wilson, ND, DC, PhD, Johnathan V. Wright, MD

About $10. And qualifies for free shipping with a total $25. Purchase at Amazon


Be sure to take really good care of yourself. Although no part of lyme treatment is a walk in the park, it's better than untreated lyme. Hope you get your bearings soon. Good luck.

[ 04-25-2010, 12:53 AM: Message edited by: Keebler ]

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