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Posted by guiney (Member # 4550) on :
I've been craving ice lately and I was told from several friends that ,thsat means I may have an iron deficiency!

Is this true? I've never heard of this being a symptom of Lyme. so I was just wondering? And what causes lack of iron? I take a special vit. for lyme disese.

It's called L.D. Complete....The Nutritional Support System For People With Lyme Disease.




Posted by aaronkatie on :
What antibiotic are you on? When I was on cipro for a staph infection I had that problem and my llmd said it was a vitamin K deficiency induced by the abx.

When I went off the abx I was fine. I know I was told at the time what vitamin K was but i forget - i do know it was protein related or iron related.

Sorry I'm not much help.

good luck


Posted by guiney (Member # 4550) on :
I'm not on any abx.right now.Oh they put me on zithro. for the Bronchitis. I was on a bicillin shot once wkly and 250mg of zithro.

but I started having minor seizures and major icthing spells so she took me off and I am waiting to go back and see her.

I'm not real formiliar with vit.K. What is it's benefits?......Jamie



Posted by skeezixdoc (Member # 5027) on :
your craving for ice is one of the several cravings one can have with iron deficiency. It's called "PICA". Usually vitamin K deficiency is heralded by increased bleeding, as vitamin K is needed by the clotting system to instigate clotting.

You can get vitamin K deficiency from broad spectrum antibiotics that kill off normal gut bacteria, which manufacture vitamin K in your intestines. You can also become deficient in vitamin K from malabsorption in the gut, or from malnutrition, especially the lack of green leafy vegetables.

I don't know if you're a woman, but women in general are more iron deficient from menstruation, and anything that increases the body's need for iron like increased metabolic needs during stress, or a chronic infection can push you over the edge into more severe deficiency where you may need supplementation.

Posted by mikken (Member # 2276) on :
Mmm, could be a zinc deficiency, too. Especially if you want to crunch it up with your teeth.

Time to ask your doctor to check you out, I think!


Posted by guiney (Member # 4550) on :
Thank you everyone for all the info. I agree it's time to get a check up!!!




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