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Posted by twinkles (Member # 4623) on :
This is really embarrassing. I wouldnt ask this but I am in alot of pain. I have an external hemmroid protruding our of my anus. Its gross. I actually have 2 or 3, one is all pink and purple, and one is red and swollen and they really hurt. When I go to the bathroom its so painful like tearing skin in there and then it bleeds into the bowl or toilet paper. My butt hurts so bad I can't really sit down, and it keeps me up at night. I tried preperation H and witch hazel compresses. It helps, but just a little. I am dreading my next bowl movement. What will the doctor do?
Sorry this is so embarrasiing. I even took a picture of them with my didgital camera and they look so big and gross and swollen.
any advice?
Posted by HaplyCarlessdave (Member # 413) on :
You aren't by any chance taking 'celebrex' for the pain, are you?
I had something like what you describe, along with nightmarish problems in my intestines (possibly 'perforations"). It was really horrible.
It's possible the lyme caused this, as a result of 'celebrex' weakening the immune system. Or perhaps an interaction between abx and ..'celebrex'. I was on 400mg doxy and 500mg cefuroxime axefil at the time..
What REALLY helped me was Yarrow tea, a couple cups a day, and psyllium husk powder, 1/2 tsp or so stirred into8 ox water, to start, usually near bedtime (followed by acidophilus)
As well as stopping the celebrex. On my doc's advice I got a supplement called "nutri-joint" which helped the pain enough for me to get by, when I took it along with ibuprofen.
I also tried taking some Willow bark. It helped a little, too, for the arthritic- type pain.
I strongly suspect it was the Yarrow, along with the psyllion husk powder, ('metamucil, is basically psyllium husk powder, but is over-processed and may have other unwanted things in it) that had the biggest effect on repairing the damage done by the celebrex ( possible the lyme, to some extent, too.
To take the yarrow I steeped 1 rounded tsp yarrow (the raw herb- groind up leaves,etc in 6 oounces nearly boiling water for 5-7 minutes. Don't expect it to be too yummy..., but it beats the powdered psylliam husk powder stirred into water hands down!)

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Posted by guiney (Member # 4550) on :
Twinkles, you are couragess or desperate ! I'm in the same boat as you are.......

1. Are you having normal bowel movements?
( I'm not but getting there)

2.Colace (over the counter and very safe)is a stool softner.NEED IT!

3.For the painful hemmiords I use MelaGel...The best IMO & experience for them(email me for the info. you WON'T regret it)

4. Soak in a very warm tub

I say all this because it was a major problem with me. But not as bad as before because I've done ALL the above!!!!

I know it's embarassing but needs attention right away. The MelaGel IS the only releif for them. All natural with an ingredient called Meleleuca. It really numbs them, softens them with no pain, so they can go back in.

I'd bet my health on it If you do all of the above consistantly you will get some relief and fast....

good luck...well...with sitting



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Posted by twinkles (Member # 4623) on :
thank you for the help here. I am sitting on an ice pack right now and it feels so good! I am using prep-h and witch hazel but they are still killing me. I am gonna call my doc in the am to see what to do. Do i have to see a specialist for this?
Posted by david1097 (Member # 3662) on :
The followng is from a long experiecnce with these things...

You can get them fixed in a Dr's office. There is a techniques where they use an elastic band and freeze probe. I believe it was developed by a fellow named Dr. Rudd in Canada.... The Rudd Clinic. In one visit the dr can get rid of most of them. Most trained int he technique can do it on the spot.

Also, the best thing for the inflamation is the following topical cream:

2% cortisone in a Glaxo base. Do not add anything else or it will make the situation worse. A pharmasist will have to make it up, You may need a script for it but at 1 to 2% I think you can probably get it over the counter considering there are a lot of name brand meds that have the same concentration on the shelf.

For immediate relief, do a sitz bath (yes its spelled right). Basically sit in warm water with epsom salts. The heat reduces the pain (at least temporarily and the salt helps with the skin irritation.) Forget about the pain pills, they will only work for a while.


Posted by GP (Member # 2318) on :

I have a lone history of hemorrhoids. I will tell you what worked for me. I have both internal and external hemorrhoids. Metamucil helps prevent it. I started with 2 tea spoons 35 years age and now am up to 5 tea spoons every night. Use enough to keep every thing soft. Sitting in a very hot tub, as hot as you can stand will help shrink them. Ansul suppository helped me more then Preparation H. You said you had tried witch hazel. I believe you are referring to tucks. I used tucks by putting 1 or 2 in my crack to have them in contact with the hemorrhoids all day or until they shrink. I would replace them when they dried out. I also use soft toilet paper such as charman. I sometimes will wet with warm water to avoid wiping too much. When they really, really got bad I would use a enema bottle with warm water to help lubricate and soften my stool. This is a last resort and should not be done too often. Sometimes the hemorrhoids have blood clots in them and will not shrink. I have had to have 2 lanced at different times about 30 years ago. The Metamucil has helped more then anything else to prevent them or lessen there effect. I wish you a speedy recovery.


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