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Posted by lla2 (Member # 2364) on :

started on mino five days ago..started slow at 100mg, then built up to 200 mg a day, then backed off again to 100mg...

head herx bad...big time anxiety ...feel like i'm going to jump out of my skin...and this sensation builds...and builds until I feel like i'm going to go crazy!! does this senation go away after a few days, weeks or what???? also on malarone ...

please help with suggestions..


Posted by chainsaw joseph (Member # 6611) on :
I have been on mino for months and it never seems to completely let up but Ive read others here adjust to it.Ive tried alot of antibiotics but nothing goes to your head like mino.It took me a long time to get up to 150mg but Im also very skinny.Tough stuff,go slow.
Posted by Foggy (Member # 1584) on :
I about to start it so I'm tightening my seat belt. Anyone on Mino with Amantadine?
Posted by RECIPEGIRL (Member # 5884) on :

Hope Mino gets easier for you.


I have taken Doxy, plus Amantadine 100 mg daily for my brain to build dopamine. The Amantadine kind of replaces my Wellbutrin. Seratonin antidepressants are too sedating for my brain-----very bad for me.

I don't know why, but Doxy was too hard for me and that's after 20 months of ABX. The Amantadine I love.

Of course, my LL/FNP usually gives Amantadine to increase absorption of Zithromx.

Hope that helps.

Take Care,

Important: Edited the dose of Amantadine to 100 mg. after rechecking the RX bottle.

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Posted by liz28 on :
Hi, Lisa. You can take low doses of mino to avoid herxing, per the advice of Riversinger. It's usually about 25mg per day, poured into empty gel caps. You still get a great effect.

Our mutual LLMDs have cautiously started to express interest in this approach. But you didn't hear that from me, okay? Seriously. Please just say it's those Marshall people with their newfangled ideas, or something.

The first time I went on mino, it was 400mg/day. The monster herx lasted for 1 1/2 weeks, complete with physical paralysis and sleeping 16 hours or so a day, and stumbling in front of speeding cars. I tried to hold out for another month, then switched to omnicef. The two together packed a wallop. But then...

It turns out mino can raise your liver enzyme levels, which will prompt your LLMD to take you off everything. You can avoid this undesirable consequence by doing whatever works for you to keep the levels down. I take Dr. Zhang's Hepa 2, which Dr. H sells in his front office, and so far, it's worked for a year. You can also get its main ingredient, schizandra, in liver flushes or by itself. Some people also get results from milk thistle and maybe NAC.

Glad to hear you are having a herx, by the way, since a person without Lyme can take mino for months, for acne, and not feel a thing. So those headaches you were having were from the Lyme holdouts, and now you are nailing them. Excellent work, good show!

Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Those people who want to help their Dopamine levels, take a look at Mucuna pruriens ( You can buy it by the pound - it is much less expensive (about $10. per lbs). It has been used for this purpose for a few thousand years.

It helped my husband immensely and our doctor recommends it to practically every Lyme patient because it does more than up the dopamine. Do some checking on the above site and on the internet in general. The info is out there, I just don't have all the different websites in my head.

Another one that works on that end of the brain is Standard Process's "St. John's Wort"; this brand in particular. That is also one our doctor uses extensively for Lyme because it works well.

Take care.


Posted by RECIPEGIRL (Member # 5884) on :
Forgot to tell you about taking sublingual glutathione which can turn me around when I wake up with Lyme flu or feel like dead meat. (You probably already know about it??)

It's my new best friend. It probably won't help with hard, crying pain, but with just "feel bad" it might help you. It works so fast.

Here are 5 brands from health food store. Try to get the "reduced" kind if you can.

"Reduced Glutathione Sublingual Complex plus
Molybdenum" by Source Naturals.

"CHEM-DEFENSE" by Source Naturals is what Troutscout liked. This has same ingredients as the one above.

"Reduced Glutathione" by NOW. Troutscout liked this, too.

Glutathione Capsules by Twinlab - works for me by pouring contents of capsule under tongue for a few minutes. Have a glass of water ready cause it tastes bad for a second.

Mega-Glutathione Caps by Twinlab - Lyma Bean likes this.

Also, I just bought a bottle of Gerolsteiner Natural Mineral Water with natural carbonation at the grocery store.

Comes in a 1-liter glass bottle $2. It's supposed to be really loaded with extra minerals. Learned about this on Lymenet.

My health food store did not carry Gerolsteiner.

If you're interested, on a better day you might want to see what I researched about sublingual Glutathione.


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Posted by lla2 (Member # 2364) on :
thanks I just posted under your other post ..the one IN this post! asking what this exactly does that makes us feel better? is it an antihistimine or what?

I"d love to try it..wondering if it goes with all our other meds/abx/supplements without problems...


Posted by RECIPEGIRL (Member # 5884) on :
Hi Lisa,

Maybe some of the scientists on the board can give you the best reason why sublingual L-Glutathione (GSH) works so fast.

This is only what I've read.

L-Glutathione is an amino acid made up of cysteine, glycine and glutamic acid. Stomach acid destroys glutathione so can't take it orally.

That's why folks take the amino acid, NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) a sulphur amino acid
orally which is the precursor to glutathione. Stomach acid does not destroy NAC.

For new readers, never take L-cysteine by itself because it can raise your homocysteine levels; bad for the heart & blood vessels.

L-Cysteine alone acts like a Brillo pad tearing & inflamming the inside of the blood vessels. I would never take plain

Back to GSH.
It is a powerful detoxifier. That's the understatement of the year!

IMHO, GSH works fast because your taking it sublingually which, as I'm sure you know, is absorbed immediately into the blood stream which bypasses the first pass through the liver.

Also, amino acids, generally speaking, tend to work fast-----some within hours. That's why I like them. It's not like building up your mineral reserves which take can take a while.

GSH is a neurotransmitter which affects the nerves/brain. This is probably key for me because my nerves have been fried after years without a diagnosis.

Because GSH contains sulphur in the form of cysteine, it is the sulphur that strengthens the overall body.

Especially in chronic illness oral NAC is recommended. It then converts to glutathione.

Here's more of my amateur opinion on this:

Even though glutathione is an antioxidant, I don't think I'm getting such a big dose of GSH when I take a Twinlab 100 mg sublingually to adversely affect ABX. Twinlab is not even the "reduced" kind & it still helps me.

I'm going to use my Twinlab GSH until it runs out, but am very excited about trying the "reduced glutathione" which is biologically more active in the body.

If I were going to take my oral NAC of 750 mg, then I take it far away from ABX. Don't know if the 2-hour rule about taking supplements away from ABX applies to GSH.

Or, if you take an ABX holiday, that'd be a great time to up you GSH levels.

As far as GSH being contraindicated with thyroid----

I've always heard it's a good idea to take thyroid away from anything else. But that's strictly up to your physician & what works best for you.

Let me go find my best links about glutathione. I'll place them in my next reply.

Hope this helps a little. The links can really explain this much better.

Take Care,


Posted by RECIPEGIRL (Member # 5884) on :
Folks who take Glutathione IV could probably shed more light about timing it with ABX.

Glutathione Links for background reading:

Product Picture & description:

Reader friendly:

Reader friendly:

More technical - Glutathione Monograph

I've mentioned this in the link of my previous reply, but want to repeat for new readers:

L-Glutathione or NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) detoxifies heavy metals: mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium.

It is a controversial issue, but some believe
NAC merely chelates heavy metals & redeposits them in the body causing further damage.

I've been taking NAC intermittently since the early 90s & it's helped me beyond belief. I just do what works for me. I've got to have some life.

Everyone has to evaluate the pros & cons of anything & make his own decision.

Plus, some people respond to L-glutathione & some don't.



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