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Posted by efsd25 (Member # 2272) on :
Just wanted to share that this rife thing is working. I have been off abx since May 17, 2003 and I rife weekly to keep the symptoms under control. I am feeling much better, infact, I climbed Mt. Rainier this summer with my son and just came back from a week of skiing at Whistler, BC.

I think it is important that new folks know that some of the alternative methods are working. Particulary if the abx are not helping them.

Posted by notime2work (Member # 6092) on :
It's encouraging to hear about these results from rifing! I just got my GB4000 last week but haven't begun to rife for the Lyme yet.

My LLMD suggested I needed to work on the infections/cavitations in my jaws, so I am starting to use it for that first. I probably will be on abx about 1-1/2 to 2 mor months before I will start using the GB4000 for Lyme. I'll probably begin to wean myself off the abx as I am afraid to do too much at one time.

What machine are you using? How long? Are there any particular frequencies you have found to be helpful?



Posted by efsd25 (Member # 2272) on :
Hi notime2work,

You are moving in the right direction...Keep it up! To anwser your questions:

1) I have used 5-6 differents machines, but I started out with the predecessor of the GB4000, the B-3 plus amp. This unit really helped me with my Lyme, and so should the GB4000 help you, the GB4000 has even more range than the B-3.

2)I have been rifing for 19 months. Started Rifing on April 6th, 2003 and last day on antibiotics was May 17, 2003. As you can see, I slowly weened myself off abx over a 5-6 week period.

3) The best frequencies for Lyme are the ones "Doug" saw the Lyme bacteria actually die when examining them under a microscope and testing them with various frequencies.

These frequecies are harmonics of 306 hertz, so 306, 610-612, etc. Please note that 27 and 106 hertz are also very effective, but I try not to rife with the lower frequecies, as our body "uses". The GB4000 should come with a book that lists other unseful Lyme frequencies. Also see Bryan's new book or
which has links for other lists.

Hope this helps,

Posted by notime2work (Member # 6092) on :
Thanks Ernie! I look forward to being off abx and starting to rife for Lyme. I do feel the rife is beginning to work on my jaws and dental infections already.

As far as frequencies, I have found the sets that are in the book and ones on some different freq lists, but don't know what you mean by harmonics of 306 hertz. I am truly electronics-illiterate when it gets technical! I have however figured out how to program the GB4000 with frequencies/groups, and have added some from the CAFL that were not programmed in that I thought might help. I also did them in singles so I could maybe tell what I was getting "hits" from if possible.

What do you mean when you say the body uses the lower freqs? Can you tell me what the range is, or how low you mean? I've noticed some of the low freqs in the information I've received with my GB4000 that has been programmed into the channels.

Thanks for the help and encouragement!


Posted by daniella (Member # 6753) on :
That's great! How did you know which machine to buy? Are they expersive? Do they cure everything? That would be fantastic!


Posted by daniella (Member # 6753) on :
Ah I see it. It's the GB4000. I'll look it up.
Posted by efsd25 (Member # 2272) on :
Hi notime2work,

I agree with your strategy, as time permits, run thru the frequecies, one at a time, on the CAFL lists, and on the GB4000 list. See which freq give you "hits", then follow-up with those.

As far as the harmonics concept goes... don't worry about it. It just means that multiples of a frequency may affect a bacteria in a similar fashion. For example, 306 hertx can kill Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria, but so can 610-612 hertz.

You also might want to join Bryan's Lyme & Rife group at <>. Bryan's site offers a wealth of information on rifing for Lyme. Plus you get input for some very experienced rifers! He is also publishing an informative book on rifing for lyme.

In regard to low frequencies, this is a controverial topic. Some feel it is not a big deal, others (like me)would prefer not to risk problems. I prefer not to rife with frequencies less than 100 htz. But our bodies freqencies are much lower. For example, our brain uses delta waves( deep sleep) around 1-3 hertz, theta waves(dreaming) 4-5 hertz, and alpha waves (awake state) 8-13 hertz.

Remember, our electicity in the U.S. run at 60 hertz and it is not bothering anyone, so realistically probably below 30 hertz I would be careful.

If you go to Bryan's site (, in the files section, there is section rating different types of rife machines. You may find this helpful.

As far as rife helping with other health issues, check the web out!

The biggest problem the Rife community has is there are few "double blind" type studies showing the effectiveness of rifing, most of the reports are anecdotal. Consequently, this treatment is not readily accepted by mainstream medicine.


Posted by notime2work (Member # 6092) on :
Thanks Ernie. I have been a member of the lyme-and-rife group and several others, and have been able to received some great information from them. So many of the folks on those groups have a wealth of knowledge, and I am learning a lot from them.

I have also pre-ordered a copy of his book, and look forward to reading it!



Posted by Jennifer Geddie (Member # 9097) on :
Ernie started rife after seeing a friend with lyme have success with a rife machine. I find his posts encouraging , because he could not get totally well with antibiotics, but continues to do well and have a normal life
using his rife machine ( without antibiotics.)

Thank you Ernie for sharing your story . We all need some hope and help finding tools to add to our anti lyme arsenal!
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