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Posted by Cheryl (Member # 75) on :
What's your favorite tick prevention product for dogs? Cats?


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Posted by 2bostons (Member # 6249) on :
Hi Cheryl

I am curious ..did anyone answer your post?

I have used Frontline and then after I realized that I had Lyme I switched my dogs to Biospot..

Biospot is supposed to have an ingredient that repels ticks..Frontline does not...

I guess my main goal is to stop them from bringing any ticks into the house..

Posted by giftoflife (Member # 6748) on :

I am a self taught, job experienced in animal (dog, Cat) behavior and vet tech. Vets and myself recommend Frontline Plus or Advantix. Both are good for fleas and ticks. Even while using these a tick will get on your dog but most likely will not attach itself. This will leave the tick to fall off in your house perhaps, so examing dogs outside before they come in will prevent this. DO NOT use Biospot. It can harm your dog with the ingredients it holds!
One of my dogs developed seizures because of it and can no longer be treated with any type of tick control. You can get Frontline Plus or Advantix from your vet or from a store called Daves Sode and Pet Food City. Good Luck !

Posted by Cheryl (Member # 75) on :
Thanks! Any thoughts on revolution or preventic?


Posted by Barngirl (Member # 6391) on :
Use Frontline PLUS and Preventic flea and tick collar.

Gift of Life is right about the other product. Lots of stuff is very harmful to our pets and will cause drooling and or seizures.

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Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
We sprinkle freeze-dried garlic out of the capsule on Sumi's liverwurst (a treat) and her regular foods. She has no fleas and no ticks.

What helps us, helps her. She also gets a few drops of EM now and then.

Posted by Barrie (Member # 1796) on :
We use Frontline. It keeps the ticks from attaching to the animal but, they then bring them into the house. That is why my daughter kept getting reinfected. We still use Frontline but, we check and double check the animals. Plus, my daughter is not allowed to sleep with any animals any more.
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