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Posted by DJP (Member # 5893) on :
I was thinking about you today and was wondering how your appt went?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
me too! hope it went VERY WELL!!



Posted by threefries (Member # 6959) on :
I really wish that I had the guts to stand up to this guy. I mean, he's trying to be helpful - hasn't put lyme down yet, but he's not looking at it as seriuosly I don't think.

I'm having more blood testing for rheumy.

I have pain meds now.

And I have an MRI scheduled for Monday at 3:30.

I didn't ask all the questions I wanted to and I didn't speak up about Lyme. He hadn't gotten the second ELISA back yet, so...

I even had the IgeneX papers in my back pack. But I just didn't have the guts.

I think my mom believes me now more though. She asked why he chose to redo the lyme titer and he said it came back borderline. So, maybe I'll be lucky and the second one will show positive.

Thanks for being here for me. It means a lot.

Posted by threefries (Member # 6959) on :
oh, and I almost forgot

I was afraid to mention my "research" online because some docs don't like that. Not to mention it might make me look more like a hypochondriac.

Posted by James H (Member # 6380) on :
Ohhh... I'm sorry to hear that. Situations like that can be so intimidating. I understand how that can happen, don't feel bad. But all is not lost...


Having just a little bit of Lyme is like being just a little bit pregnant. Contemplate that for a moment.

Did you say you had your mom with you? You need her help with this. I think she maybe realizes that too. Good!

And tell us, is there any real medical emergency with your condition? Has something gotten alot worse really suddenly? Does this have to be happening so fast you don't even have time to think things through?


Posted by James H (Member # 6380) on :

Can any of us here help by answering questions for your mother? I am sure she is starting to get concerned, and does not know where to start.

My wife is a Registered Nurse, and we BOTH just went through the diagnosis process last month and are being treated for it now. We didn't think we were that sick except for some kind of scary neuro symptoms (facial numbness, twitches, weird reflex action), but our tests were very positive and there is no doubt. We are going to the Dr. interviewed in the Morgellon's series on TV.

We are happy to help anyway we can. This is all very fresh in our minds, and it is REALLY good when you finally get some help from the right kind of Dr. Believe us on that!

If she would like to talk to us just let us know.

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Posted by Aniek (Member # 5374) on :

I still get nervous any time I talk to a new Dr. about Lyme. It's never an easy thing to question a doctor.

I have a suggestion on research. You can make it sound like you are looking up everything the doctor mentions, just to make sure you understand it. Make it non-threatening to the doctor, and not just about Lyme.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you get some relief from the pain meds.



Posted by James H (Member # 6380) on :

I know exactly what you mean!

Somewhat related...
The week before our initial LLMD visit my wife ended up in an ER doubled up with upper right quadrant abdominal pain. (Turned out to be Lyme symptom related.) She was afraid her gall bladder was about to rupture, or something.

When they were asking her what was wrong, about the third sentence she blurted out was "...AND WE BOTH HAVE MALARIA AND LYME DISEASE!!!"

Both statements were in fact absolutely TRUE, but I assumed she would not go there unless it came up.

You should have seen the looks on their faces! I'm sure they were expecting her next words to be about being abducted by aliens and taken to the Mother Ship... and guys in Blackhawk helicopters SPYING on us!

It turned out though that the ER Dr. examining her has a sister with lyme, and after looking us over a little told us 'whatever you do, do NOT cancel your Lyme Dr. appointments!' They aren't all ducks.

Its funny though... If you tell them you have a highly contagious multi-drug resistant STAPH infection, they come up close and say 'lets have a look'.

If you mention LYME though, alot of them shrivel up and shrink away like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz when she got the water splashed on her!

This poor girl (threefries, I'm talking about now) seems pretty smart. I think she will be able to find her way this Twilight Zone episode. Especially if her mother sees the pitfalls and helps her past them. It is really important having friends and family nearby.

There are just so many black holes one can step in when we happen to get something outside the medical system's preferred profit centers.

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