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Posted by snowboarder (Member # 6346) on :
Hello everyone,

I've been getting palpitations and tightness in chest. I had this symptom before being diagnosed and it was a lot better recently.

Currently, I'm taking zithromax 500 mg.

On and off I tak CoQ10 and added that back in full time recently.

Does this sound like a co infection? I haven't been tested for co infections but my LLMD does target all co infections with treatment.

My LLMD wants me to get it checked but I know it's not my heart because I had the same symptom for several months before a lyme diagnosis.

Has anyone experienced this and what did you take that helped?


Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by snowboarder:
My LLMD wants me to get it checked but I know it's not my heart because I had the same symptom for several months before a lyme diagnosis.

That doesn't mean it couldn't be a problem with the heart! Could very likely be babesiosis. When are you scheduled to take the meds for that?

The CoQ10 should help, also magnesium. But what if it's something more serious?

Could also be a herx. My heart symptoms first showed up when I was herxing on babs meds. I had all kind of heart tests run.

I do have MVP with regurgitation, and take atenolol for the palps and tachycardia.

hope this helps



Posted by snowboarder (Member # 6346) on :

Yes it could be a herx. I've felt kind of bad lately.

Sorry my mind is blank today. What meds target babeosia?

I could go back to my cardiologist but I have had every test done expect heart cath.


Posted by snowboarder (Member # 6346) on :
Anyone else have any thoughts?
Posted by Linda LD (Member # 6663) on :
Hi Snowboarder!

The only other idea I have is have you had your thyroid checked? You're very thin right?

It your thyroid goes hyper (and they can spin on and off) it will mess with your heart.

Are the palpatations more at night? That is a sign of the thyroid. My twin and I use to have "night terrors" at night. Wildly beating heart and all that.

Always a good idea to have your thyroid tested. One in five women have thyroid disease and half are undiagnosed. The average woman sees 10 doctors before she is diagnosed.

Remember there are three tests:

T4, and

I went hyper at 24 and I could have DIED!!! I got grotesquely thin and had heart palpatations. My skin got really dry and my hair feel out--anything sound familiar?

I was really anxious--but I was EXTREMELY HYPER. Crazy thing is I never wnet to the doctor.

Wont hurt anything just to get the tests.

Stay sweet,


Posted by Barrie (Member # 1796) on :
My daughter also had very bad chest pain. It started about six months before she got really sick. She was having headaches that were diagnosed as sinus infections. So, when she started with the chest pain,we all felt she was starting with asthma. It was in the spring time so we felt it was either allergies or asthma. She also complained of chest tightness. I listened to her lungs and they were clear. But, I took her to the doctor and she felt it was anxiety due to fear of middle school. This from a kid who loved school. I now know that as soon as a doctor can't see anything,it is either depression or anxiety. By fall,she was really sick and the chest pain was severe. To this day, it has been the most intense and severe pain she had. It would come and go. I always took her pulse during this and it was regular,her skin warm and dry. Things you look for with cardiac problems. By the time she was diagnosed and saw Dr. Jones, he felt it was due to the inflammation of her ligaments in her chest. He did not feel it was cardiac in her case. She still occassionally (three years and a half years later, three coinfections,babs,mycoplasma & bart, and still on abx) has chest pain but, not as severe as it was. I wouldn't fool around with chest pain, you need to have cardiac causes ruled out. But, just wanted to let you know that it can happen due to lyme and possible coinfections. Good luck and good health to you.
Posted by Lymied (Member # 6704) on :
Hi SnowBoarder - I am sorry you are having heart stuff too. I have it as well. I have/had Lyme, Babesia, and Ehrlichia hme and hge.

The heart issues started for me two months before treatment. I had Free T3 and T4 checked along with extensive thyroid tests and all checked out fine.

After Mepron/Zithromax the first month for babesia the palps disappeared for awhile but are now back occassionally. It definitely is worse during a herx.

Last night I was having air hunger and pain and pressure in my chest so I think the babesia monster may be rearing its ugly head again.

I would definitely get tested for coinfections through IgeneX because if you have them you need to get treated for them or the lyme may never go away.

Take care and hope you lose this symptom soon!

"If I can stop one/Heart from breaking/I shall not live in vain/If I can ease one Life the Aching/Or cool one Pain/Or help one fainting Robin/Unto his Nest again/I Shall not live in Vain." Emily Dickinson

Posted by JillF (Member # 5553) on :
Hey Snowboarder

I also had/have chest pain

Started before my other symptoms. Went to my primary doctor thinking I might be having a heart attack. Nothing was wrong...

Still occassionally have pains but not so much now.

It's very scary.

I have pain on all sides of the chest now, though, not just where the heart is.

I have Babs, Lyme and Bart.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Babs meds could include clindamycin/quinine, mepron/zith, or artemisinin, to name a few.



Posted by snowboarder (Member # 6346) on :
Thank you everyone...good advice.

Linda, Yes I'm fairly thin so your right it could be thyroid. It is definitely worth checking out.

Does anyone know how much testing costs for co infections through Igenex?

My LLMD doesn't check co infections but treats them and it would be nice to know what were dealing with.

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