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Posted by LymeLaura (Member # 6624) on :
I've been having trouble with my blood pressure jumping all over the place. It was mildly elevated a year and half ago (deemed to be a lyme symptom), came down to 110/70 with antibiotic treatment last spring. Then, started jumping around, depending which antibiotic I was on...anywhere from 110/70 to 190/100...seems to be sticking at 134/90. Elevated with Mepron/Zith, so stopped Zith, then elevated with Biaxin and Ketek. Now I'm on Omnicef and minocycline and it's back up to 184/94. One of my doctors gave me Benicar, but it caused back pain. I wasn't on it long enough to see a difference.

I see that Omnicef can cause elevated blood pressure and cardiac problems, so I guess that must be it. Anyone else with similar problems or advice?

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