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Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
I cant take it anymore. Im taking all my meds, following a yeast diet and my gut is still burning like crazy. How much more am I suppose to take????? Why the heck can't I get me gut to feel better. I hate all this crap and Im ready to just give up. Im tired of hurting. When I hurt Im so grumpy to everyone else that they can't take it either.
I would try to Xango juice but Id probably be disapointed-nothing else has helped!! Besides, I can't really afford it. My chiro sells Mangosteen juice-would that be just as beneficial?

I just want the severe burning pain to stop. Im really scared.


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Posted by bigmamma (Member # 7181) on :
Oh, man, that stinks!! I am sorry your gut causes so much pain right now. What abx are you on right now?

Doxy was torture on my stomach for me even though I took with food, did probiotics, and sat up after taking it, and took antifungals. I had to switch to mino, and my severe burning problems were gone instantly.

Is it possible to switch to something else? Do you have a history of ulcers? Have you tried yogurt?

I hope you will find some relief soon.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Maybe you need Rife??

Buying mangosteen juice from your chiro would be fine....just make SURE it's Xango.

I sure hope you feel better soon. You could also try Bicillin.

Posted by DR. Wiseass (Member # 6777) on :
Nal -

Crawl on out of the hole, honey - 'cause there's nothing really of benefit in there. I know, as I've been in & out of several deep holes throughout the years.

I'm sorry you're miserable now. And I wish there were some magic words or a magic spell I could cast over you.

The best I can do is to suggest an alkalizing diet (look it up on the internet) so that your tummy might not be so acidic, AND to ask whether you've considered it might be an ulcer.

I've had ulcers before & it was like the Devil himself had taken residence in my guts.

I know that when I had ulcers I used to drink milk and that seemed to help - BUT I can't remember if that was an 'officially' good thing or not.

Are you eating lots of yogurt?

I hope your visit in the deep dark hole is a short one - as it's lonely in there - and with this disease - it's not good to be lonely too.

Write if you need to chat:
[email protected]


DR. Wiseass - not a real doc - just a real wise ass.

Posted by notime2work (Member # 6092) on :
Xango works great on stomach/digestive problems for several people I know that don't have Lyme. And there are a few on this forum that have Lyme that have had great results.

If it is an ulcer, milk will not help long-term, even though it might make it feel better. One of the primary causes of ulcer has been found to be a bacteria, heliobacter pylori (h. pylori). I have read that it takes a certain abx combo to get rid of it, but don't know what that combo is.

Posted by Lymeblue (Member # 6897) on :
Have you been treated for bart.
I thought my somach and intestines were hurt because of the abx ( I took doxy for 12 months) THen after swithcing LLMD he found out bart messing up all my digestive tract...
Gastritis, heartburn, fullness, real bad burning sensation on the abdominal cavity.. etc
Posted by snowboarder (Member # 6346) on :

Lyme effects every part of the body...I know it sucks but part of the process.

The docs you are using treat aggressively. I see a doc out of state and went to see Dr. B end of March to see if he'd be a good match for my daughter and I. His treatment is way to harsh for my daughter and I...great for my husand though.

Don't give up and hang in there. I have a great alternative doc who's a DO in Denver and well worth the money! I've been having horrible stomach/liver gallblader stuff going on and she's been helping me. She'll get to the bottom of your problem if you stick with her.

Have you been tested for Hpylori? A few years back I had that and went to her and no more stomach pain after treatment.

Please feel free to email if your inteterested in this doc or just want to vent.

Hope your feeling better and hang in there!

Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
Thanks guys! How do you know if the mangosteen supplement has Xango in it?? Is it listed? Anyway, I was tested for H-pylori through an endoscope-negative.

Im still being treated for Bart but had to stop the Lev (remember that mess???). I see my LLMD on Tuesday. So Bart can mess up an abdomin pretty bad huh? Great.


yes, Dr B and Dr M both treat aggresively. I think I have finally gotten it through to Dr B though that I CAN NOT tolerate too much at one time-its killing me!!!! I don't want to switch though because I really do believe he's a very good dr. Hes very patient, answers all my ?'s etc. He sends me info via email and when he went out of town a couple weeks ago, he left me the phone number of where he would be staying in case of an emergency!

Thanks a bunch guys.


Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by Nal:
Thanks guys! How do you know if the mangosteen supplement has Xango in it?? Is it listed?

Xango is the BRAND name of the mangosteen juice supplement. It was the first to market the mangosteen and it is far and above ANY other mangosteen product.

Accept no substitutes! you will be disappointed and you will waste your money.


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