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Posted by skg (Member # 4684) on :
I've seen a few positive postings for a Ketek/Mepron combo for treating babesiosis.

My insurance just denied giving me
Zithromax, so I'm wondering about
Ketek as an option. Are there other
people out there who have had experience
comparing Ketek vs. Zithromax with Mepron
for treatment of Babesiosis? And what
dosage Ketek did you take?


Posted by pippy (Member # 6005) on :
Great question SKG!
Maybe you can post it in the Mepron Buddies thread?
They know a lot about this over there on that thread...
I asked the same thing over there b/c I get stomach ache on zith and also want to try Ketek.
w/ Mepron. Going there to check now....
I talk to llmd in a couple days. I'll ask him also and report back on it here.
Posted by HiHopes (Member # 7286) on :
Hi Skg,

I'm on Ketek, Mepron, Plaquenil and Amoxicillin for lyme and babs -- Amoxi for strep.

I take 400 mgs. of ketek twice a day (since Dec.). I know some folks take the full 800 mgs. in one dose. Either way is supposed to be okay...

I got up to my full dose of mepron in May after starting it in March. My llmd likes to ramp up slowly on that one. I started feeling it pretty quickly and have had two major 3 week long flares since May. I now seem to be in and out of them every week or so. I cannot tell that I've improved I'm sad to say...

I will say this, I had previously been treated for chronic strep and it had cleared. I was re-tested about four weeks ago and my titer was back up. She thinks that may be holding back my babs recovery.

I am hopeful that has been why I haven't seen results. If there's no improvement in four weeks, she's changing the mepron to clindamycin.

Sorry not to be of more help..

Posted by Walnut (Member # 6585) on :
I was on ketek/mepron (+plaquenil) since beginning of october last year.

It worked well on the lyme but didn't do much for my babesia.

I think that my infection has become resistant to mepron, and I recently stopped the mepron.


Posted by liz28 on :
I've been doing well on the mepron/artemisinin/ketek combo. "Well" is a relative term here, though, because I still get a babesia flare once a month.

I was disabled from Aug. 2000 through Sept. 2004 with symptoms of Lyme, babesia and bartonella. I was on plaquenil and zithromax for two years, along with lots of other junk, that did nothing at all for the babesia.

In Sept. 2004 I started ketek, and had a massive herx for two weeks. After this, my soup of symptoms finally (after four years) receded to the point that I could tell them apart, and they fit neatly into three categories. Then I started on artemisinin, and immediately herxed, which gave me ammunition to ask for mepron. The combination clobbered most of the babesia in a month, and then the cycles got smaller and smaller. The Lyme abx suddenly began to work as well.

I've been on the babesia combo for nine months, and expect to stay on it as maintenance until absolutely assured all bugs are gone. Mepron is hard on the liver, so you have to take good liver support supplements with it.


Posted by aliyalex (Member # 6976) on :
Question?? Do any of you mepron warriors get wacked with debilitating depression? Just wondering...
Posted by pippy (Member # 6005) on :
count me in on the depression w/ mepron poll.
That is why doc pulled me off when i first tried it.

Artemisinin= splitting headaches (never had before) and massive mood stuff. But this is getting better so maybe its helping the babesia to clear more???
That is why the yellow paint scares me...
but i am determined to be able to do it here soon!

Posted by LC (Member # 7070) on :
Liz- How did you know the lyme abx started working for you? Which symptoms improved?
Posted by liz28 on :
Aliyalex--I didn't get the depression, but that's probably because a) I'm too angry about having Lyme to get depressed, and b) I take a lot of brain-boosting supplements, most of which are natural, but one of which, Celebrex, is prescription. In my case, almost all the mood stuff has been caused by systemic inflammation.

The big indicator that the babesia abx were working was that I could get out of bed. That was pretty cool. I also had to toss in abx for bartonella before the Lyme started getting better. After that, there was one month of severe Lyme herxing, and then I suddenly was able to jog again, after almost five years.

There have definitely been ups and downs. The Lyme seems to hide in the lower spine or liver or gallbladder, because when I tried to do twisty yoga stretches in that area, I had a massive relapse.

But the main difference was the length of relapses. They all feel the same, but they don't last as long. The absolute longest now is a week, and if I take Theraflu, and LIVE on phosphatidylcholine and theanine, I can still grumpily function and work.

Posted by aliyalex (Member # 6976) on :
I went off the mepron/zith and artemisinin almost a week ago. My LLMD had me restart the zithromax slowly. And if the numbness and weakness begin to clear I am to restart the mepron 1/4 tsp. Ugh! That scares me.

I was pretty angry, too. My husband will attest to that. And the hopelessness was bad. Ugh! I do want to get well, tho and if it means 6 months on mepron, so be it.

Posted by pippy (Member # 6005) on :
Hey AilyA
Sorry to hear you had a rough go of the last round of Mepron!
I know what its like all too well...
You are gonna make it!!!
Ya hear???

I'm gonna learn how to put some pictures up here like some of you guys do! I love it!

right about here I would put in a picture of the cheerleaders from Sat Night Live guessed it: "the perfect cheer"
hope you get your groove back soon AA!

Posted by aliyalex (Member # 6976) on :
Thanks for the cheer Pip. Everybody needs a good cheer now and again. Especially after mepron!

I'll be wayching for the pictures.

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