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Posted by Biting Back (Member # 6018) on :
My son has been spending a lot of time in our swimming pool and is complaining of internal ear pain this afternoon. Does anyone know if clarithromycin (Biaxin) will cover the ear infection?

LLMD's office is closed but will call the pharmacy and possibly take him to acute care if we have to.


Posted by lla2 (Member # 2364) on :
no but a small dropperful of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in the ear will work for a few days to clear up swimmers ear.

old nurse's great. my son used to get swimmmers ear all the time..homeopath taught me this trick..used it every night after he came home from swimmning to eliminate when he got them, and prevent them from reocurring..

1/2 of each in small dropper into ear and stick cotton in ear to keep inside....


Posted by lymie tony z (Member # 5130) on :
But if the above does'nt work.......

I had it for a few years even though I was on several abx for the lyme..

Finally an ENT gave me erythromicin/anti fungul ear drops and it cleared it up......

He said I had athletes foot of the ear...

Could be related to the lyme or a result in treating with abx's...
How a fungus got in there????
Could have been just the swimming pool or hot tub............................good luck zman



Posted by lla2 (Member # 2364) on :
i'm telling you , you don't need an antibiotic...honest. any dr. will tell you to try this as well. swimmers ear is caused because water lies in the tube in your ear and collects bacteria... dry up the water with the vinegar and rubbing alcohol and no more problem...seriously folks....


Posted by Biting Back (Member # 6018) on :
Thanks everyone! He says his ear doesn't hurt as much right now and I'm going to try the vinegar and alcohol. Will take him to the doc tomorrow if it's not better.
Posted by lymie tony z (Member # 5130) on :
Sorry Lisa,
I did'nt mean to infer that the vinegar would'nt is a known ald antbiotic in it's own rite...and alcohol does dry up the water...I use pads to dry up my ears these days myself.......

However I tried all the stuff you mentioned for a couple years and the ear infection I had just would'nt go away for good.

That is why I went to an ENT and got the remedy I suggested above.......




Posted by lla2 (Member # 2364) on :
i"m really surprised it didn't work..worked on my kids for years,and it was their pediatrician who told us about it!

good luck, hope you find something that does! It might not be swimmers ear if this didnt' work...


Posted by lymeloco on :
Do you think that would also work for my dogs ears?
My lab has chronic fungus in his ears, and it gets to be expensive to treat at times.

I'm thinking if that works for people...then why not dogs?

I heard also that if you put alcohol drops in the childrens ears before they went swimming it could help prevent swimmers ear. Just heard...not sure!

Posted by mlkeen (Member # 1260) on :
Yes a 50/50 vinager/water solution is what my vet has me use on my dog. I just put some in, work it around, let him shake it outside and then clean out the goop with a tissue.

Later, when the ears are dry, I put A little dap of monostat, the cheap kind works, in each ear and work it in. Keeps the fugul at bay for a bit.

Thinking of the swimmers ear. Perhaps with this hot weather the pool doesn't have enough clorine if the bacteria count is high. It's a fine line there. I always out the clorine in at night so there was less on the kids the next day, I also put a drop of hydrogen peroxide in their ears each night, before they had problems. The vinager solution is better through.

Posted by lymeloco on :
Thanks Mlkeen,
I am going to try it!
Posted by breathwork (Member # 567) on :
Most swimmer's ear is caused by fungal infections rather than bacterial, so the vinegar and alcohol are your best first line of attack....

The bacterial infections tend to come secondary to the fungal ones in the outer ear after repeated swimming.

I was a swimmer in high school and college and used to keep a little bottle of drops in my locker to put in every day after practice...made my life much nicer!

Posted by Biting Back (Member # 6018) on :
Had to take my son to the ER for the swimmer's ear . . . was awake most of the night in pain. The attending doc prescribed antibiotic drops BUT he told me to mix 1/3 white vinegar with 2/3 rubbing alcohol and place 2 drops in his ears after swimming! Told me not to do it until the pain is gone and he's done with the antibiotics.

Thanks for the great tip!

Posted by breathwork (Member # 567) on :
Definitely wait til the bacterial infection has cleared....he has open, raw tissue and the alcohol and vinegar will hurt like the dickens.

I'm glad that you have a clear answer and the appropriate meds to clear it up now...

Rest well tonight!

Carol Ann

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