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Posted by aliyalex (Member # 6976) on :
I talked to my LLMD and told him about the constant sweats even tho I stopped the mepron almost 2 weeks ago, the muscle weakness, debilitating fatigue, etc and he told me to d/c the zith also and start flagyl, very very slowly.

I know flagyl is a cyst buster and can be rough. Here are my questions - will the babesia become resistant? Should I add artemisinin at some point? How long will this newly opened bottle of mepron last?$$$$ Also, my main question is what do you think is his reasoning for this? I know he believes the turtle wins the race. I wondered if it would be better to just deal with the sx, even though my right hand is becoming very weak and the fatique is immobilizing.

What do you think?

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Posted by pippy (Member # 6005) on :
Hey Aily,
I e-mailed you!
Hope you feel better sooooon!!!

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