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Posted by abitconcerned (Member # 6583) on :
I'm about to get an IV, but my husband is not being supportive. He thinks that I don't really need it, that there has to be some other treatment like a shot once a month that will help me. I had the IV once six years ago (before I met my husband), and I was well after it for 3 symptoms at all. Please help? I need either encouragement to go forward and get it without my husband's support, or I need encouragement to go for another type/course of treatment. Please respond right away. I'm to go for the pic line either tomorrow afternoon or monday morning. Thanks!
Posted by paulscha (Member # 6334) on :
C'mon, now, you know the answer to this, or you wouldn't have made the arrangements in the first place.

You want to convey the real urgency of the situation to your husband, ACT on it. He'll never get the point if you hesitate and waste time because someone who doesn't live in your body isn't quite sure all this is necessary.

Paul S.
Posted by arg82 (Member # 161) on :
I'm sorry you're having these problems communicating to your husband how much you need this treatment. It's always so hard when loved ones don't understand or aren't supportive. Has he read anything about Lyme? Is he open to reading about it? Maybe you should give him Dr. B's Guidelines to read. He obviously doesn't really know enough about Lyme if he thinks you can just get a shot once a month and be a-okay. [Frown]

Try to get him to read more about it. If you're comfortable, go ahead with the PICC placement. It sounds like you know you need the treatment so you should go with what you think you should be doing, not what your husband thinks you should be doing.

Let us know how it all goes and when you get the PICC line put in and start the treatment.

Peace and healing,
Posted by tjtighe (Member # 4057) on :
Can't imagine not doing something that worked so well. Ditto Paulcha.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Hi concerned. I agree....get the PICC. Perhaps it will work just as well as it did before! Hang in there and keep us posted on how you're doing.

Here are some other links that maybe your husband would be interested in reading.

Success Stories

The cause and spread of Lyme

More info:
Posted by mycoplasma1 (Member # 6377) on :
I beleive you asked if there was something better than IV Rocephin (which is merely palliative - you will relapse again).

The answer is yes but you won't like it: The Marshall Protocol (

The science is sound. Don't listen to the naysayers here. Some here have tried it, but didn't follow the guidlines correctly.

Order the $1.99 DVD on and educate yourself.

Dr. Marshall is a brilliant man and Dr's are beginning to listen.

Warning: This is not for the meek, and will take time.

If you are looking for palliative try the Rocephin. Again.

Just trying to help.

Here come the hecklers.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Well, hey....I didn't answer her question either! [bonk] Personally, I would try Claforan instead of Rocephin....due to the relapses so many have on Rocephin. Either drug needs to be followed, or taken along with, flagyl. Just my opinion.
Posted by NP40 (Member # 6711) on :
IV zithromax.
Posted by Mathias (Member # 5298) on :
I have no personal experience with them but Bicillin injections have worked well for some people. They are long acting and do not need to be injected everyday.
Posted by lymie tony z (Member # 5130) on :
Hey their concerned...

Yes you can get bicillin la shots in your butt two or three times a week for about four months...

Oral Ketek 800mgs a day is beneficial also...

Dr D thinks tetracycline three times a day works well...

Personally I think Vancomycin would work better than the rocephin as dr B indicates in his protocol...supposedly rough on gall bladder however.
A lot of folks believe that the coinfections are what cause relapses...I don't know but I have never had a positive for coinfections...depending how good those tests are...but I don't seem to have beaten this thing outright...
Claforan(clyndamicin) may also be useful ;caused me some muscle pains (herx notwithstanding).
If you got good results from the rocephin go back to it...however your results may not be as good this time...

I hope you find something that works...
Until or if your husband gets this disease tell him for me
to shut up and educate himself about this devastating disease.....

The Marshal protocol to me seems unreasonable and unproven.


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