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Posted by Val3 (Member # 7966) on :
34 year old female,have all the lyme symptoms and remember a rash too so highly suspect Lyme. Still waiting for results though and terrified of als. Have fasciculations, twiches, cramps, stiffness, joint pain, hand pain, foot pain. Saw a neuro a month ago but feel he didn't do a thorough exam. He says I don't have significant weakness but I am wondering why it hurts to lift and my arm shakes. Is this not weakness?? Also I have had excessive salivation all through this which no doctor on earth seems to be able to explain and the internet only seems to relate this symptom to als, parkinsons or dogs. Can anyone relate? [Frown]
Posted by Laurie (Member # 159) on :
To be honest I'm terrified of ALS too -- have major fasciculations and twitches -- always reading articles where that's the first symptom of ALS. But can't even let my mind wander there or I'd never get out. I know I have Lyme...though it didn't help to hear respected Lyme lecturers theorize that ALS is just end-stage Lyme. Anyway I've had all kinds of problems with salivation. Everything from extreme dryness and my tongue virtually stuck to the roof of my mouth to drooling so badly I had to sleep with Kleenex on my pillows. Could yours be from a prescription maybe? I think that would be the first place to look.
Posted by Val3 (Member # 7966) on :
No medication would apply. It's not very encouraging that yours is the only reply so far.
Just curious how old you are? Guess there's not much else to say. I'll pray for you too.
Posted by Mathias (Member # 5298) on :
Joint pain and no weakness detected by a neurologist, you don't have ALS.

Even if you have negative test results you could still have lyme, it is a clinical diagnosis that is supported by test results.
Posted by Kimmi_K_75 (Member # 7438) on :
Hi Val,

I saw your post and just wanted you to know that your not alone with the excess saliva.

Mine started when the Bells palsy set in so I figured it was because of that. Being that my mouth was becoming numb maybe it just appeared that I had more saliva because I couldn't keep it in my mouth and I drool sometimes. Could be a coincidence though.

I also have the twitches, which started in one specific area and stayed there for a while, but now I get them all over.

The joint pain for me has subsided a little, but I still get bone pain and pain in my elbow.

But for me, I was dx with M.S. first. I had numerous ( 10-15 ) white 'lesions' come up on the mri. My neuro told me it couldn't be anything else but M.S. and the Lyme test I asked her to do came back neg.

I got a second opinion from a LLMD about the Lyme and didn't believe the m.s. dx. Sure enough, positive Western Blot.
Which really helps cause I have it on paper, but I already knew what was wrong.

Are you seeing a LLMD now?
I wish you all of the luck in the world in getting a proper dx.

Take care and again, good luck.
Posted by Biting Back (Member # 6018) on :
Hey Val,

Sorry to hear about all of your problems. I had excessive salivation, mainly from one corner of my mouth. I'd wake up at night with my pillow covered in slobber (yuck). Also choked on food quite a bit and reached a point where I was afraid to eat.

In my case, it was chalked up to bell's palsy. Not saying it is BP in your case, only a LLMD can tell you that (neurologists miss 'milder' cases most of the time). My suggestion would be to take a good look at photographs of you from several years ago and compare them to a current one. You might be surprised at the changes you see in your facial appearance. You might see things like a crooked smile, a droopy eyelid, sagging or hanging skin or just an overall tired look.

Sure hope things get better for you soon!

The little icon below depicts how I dealt with excessive salivation during the day!

Posted by livinlyme (Member # 3773) on :
If I can throw my two cents in here..
My son most recently had a flu strain.. and while the LD treatment appears to be keeping the Lyme in check, if you can call it that, he is still a medically compliciated problem..
now while most of our family run sub normal ranges in temp, he was running a closer to normal or slightly higher temp while dealing with this flu... he was excreting cups full of mucous and saliva.. (no lie or exaggeration, I near vomited) I did a search on the net and had trouble finding this but I need note that excessive salivation is a result of high fever..
I gave him (at the time I only had my tylenol # 3 and could not afford to get regular strentgh tylenol..) APAP#3 (which MD up north said was fine if I had to) His saliva calmed down and I kept him on it until he was rid of the flu... this is the bodies way of cooling.. my eldest constantly drools on his pillow too since he was a youth... this is most likely another "side of lyme"...not sure if this might help you control your excess salivation but it is easy and cheap enough to try... but for long term I dont' know if taking tylenol or anything for lengths on end would be a good thing.. not even AB's.. but hey My old saying used to be "you got to do, what you got to do, when you got to do it" that along with "you can't know better, unless you learn better"
maybe try it for a couple of days and see if it helps the saliva issue.. then you know you might be running a temp..possibly a temp on top of a temp.. LOL
Let me know if it does .. somewhere we will figure this out.. I hope.. we need a cure!
Posted by Val3 (Member # 7966) on :
Thank you very much for your thoughts. It's an interesting idea as I have not checked my temp in the past months since this all started. I am hypothyroid so my temp is normally at least one degree lower than the norm. I just checked it now and it is at the norm so maybe for me this would be considered a fever. The whole hypothyroid thing is never validated to me by physicians though who refuse to accept anything about subnormal temperatures due to thyroid. A fever causing salivation kind of makes sense to me but we are not doctors and I have NEVER come accross the concept. Just to let you know that I do feel that I might have been exaggerating slighly when I said 'pouring' down the throught. It not to that extent. Thanks again for the thoughts.
Posted by Sue vG (Member # 3143) on :
I also had excessive salivation during months 2-6 of my illness. I was choking several times daily.

I also had mild facial paralysis at the time, not to the extent of Bell's Palsy, and had difficulty swallowing. So the lyme may have been affecting a couple of cranial nerves.

Something that helped was ceasing to use fluoridated toothpaste. As soon as I'd forget and use my old toothpaste, the throat stuff would resume.
Posted by livinlyme (Member # 3773) on :
I think you will find many Lymies have thyroid hormone and other imbalances.. along with many seem to have sub normal temps and low BP's.. just another side of Lyme I think... I think really it all depends on what body function has the least defense and then the Lyme has a field day with it and makes it less effective..
and the more Md's I go to, the less I beleive that they really know what they are doing..not neccessarily the LLMD's they at least are trying to take care of what ails us.. and those who actually have LymeD are even more sympathic to the illness..
I think more and more it is a game of hit or miss... but that is where I am with all of this...
truly a living nightmare,,,
but feeling better is the key to all of this and you can feel better if you figure out the right element to use in order to remove the discomfort..

Anyone ever hear anything more about the research on the western fense lizard in Nevada I beleive?
Posted by mycoplasma1 (Member # 6377) on :

The excess salivation is from glandular dysfunction common in Lyme, CFS etc..

These bacteria cause chaos with the hormonal and endocrine system.

Posted by Val3 (Member # 7966) on :
Chris- Really? This sounds just right. But how do you know this?
Posted by jsnyde2 (Member # 7888) on :
Hi Val,
I am about your age, was so glad (sorry for you) to see your post!! I have had increased saliva production (or what I perceive to be) since mid August of this year. Twitching, and on and off muscle weakness, stiffness, carpel tunnel symptoms started July 1 and shooting pain started end of July. I really believe I have lyme and it just makes sense that it has invaded the glands -considering everything else it has invaded. I'm not worried just waiting for treatment with LLMD -1st appt is Oct 19. The more you worry the worse it is - I swear! Good luck to you! P.S. You would know if you had ALS -someone your age would go down hill fast!

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