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Posted by Curley911 (Member # 2205) on :

A good friend of mine suspects she may have lyme disease and I've read this symptom before. Just before her menses she gets these bumps up and down her arms that have that creepy/crawly sensation below the surface and they itch like crazy.

Can anyone share their experience about this so I can email her this page and help her sort it out? I appreciate it!

Posted by Littlesprout (Member # 7406) on :
Have you heard of Morgellons? [Frown] I know someone who has it and they talk about the crawling feelings also. They say it gets worse at night.
Posted by pattiecake (Member # 6424) on :
I have a lot of itchy bumps that flare right before my menses. THey itch like MAD!!! but no creepy crawly feeling.

Morgellons is very involved and more than just crawley itchy stuff. You will see if you visit the board.

My LLMD said that the lyme has settled in my subcutaneous tisseue and that is why my skin is so badly affected.
Posted by Curley911 (Member # 2205) on :
Hi, Thanks for the feedback.

I checked out Morgellens before but the website provided on one post was very good so I'll mention it. I read it carefully and do consider it a possibility

Any stories that relate would be associated w/lyme if not lyme itself, would be appreciated!

Posted by Biting Back (Member # 6018) on :
During the Morgellons Foundation's earlier days, somewhere around 97%-99% of the people with morgellons tested positively for lyme (and coinfections). However, researchers have currently lost count of the total positives for lyme. This is due to numerous people obtaining their western blot from unreliable labs.

Hope that helps some.
Posted by Curley911 (Member # 2205) on :
Thanks Biting Back. That would be a very intereseting study to see. Too bad they lost it.

Love your name!
Posted by Curley911 (Member # 2205) on :
I'm surprised that more people don't have this symptom. Not that I want them to! But, what about just the bumps that come and go.


Thanks! Curley
Posted by Robin61 (Member # 5470) on :
Curly, I get these and have since the beginning of it all. Bactrim has helped tremendously with these itcy bumps and blotcy rashes especially coming up on my nect. I don't know if i had Bart or not i tested negative but it sure has helped i am not completely symptom free of that yet but it has majorly reduced. Robin in Houston
Posted by lymex5&counting (Member # 7202) on :
The 1st thing I would suggest is that she not go

to her Dr and mention it. It is a waste of her

time, sanity, and $ to receive a DOP diagnosis.

Although if she can get the local Dr. to do a Lyme

Western blot at IGeneX and a PCR tick panel for Bb

and coinfections at MDL. It can be beneficial to have

some labs done when she gets to her first appt

with a LLMD. Most LLMD's are

familiar with Morgellons. And yes as Biting Back

mentioned there is a very high percentage of

Morgellons patients that test positive for Bb.

And IMO the ones that test negative are just

using "Bad Labs", are to sick to make antibodies,

are not reading the tests correctly, etc. It was

how I knew to test for Lyme when myself and 4

children became infected. That is nice of you to

get info for her. Good luck!
Posted by Curley911 (Member # 2205) on :
THANK YOU for more answers/info and testimonials. It will help alot to know others have a symptom in their lyme diagnoses. She's already there mentally to get tested with the Bowen Test.

Fortunately she thinks for herself so she has been open lyme and read voraciously all lyme info I sent her way . . . but I've noticed in general that it takes time for most people to absorb the info and apply it to themselves, not someone else, as a real possibility. She's there now.

She's starting her own business and the lyme sx are not much more than fatigue that bothers her. It is not crippling (yet) and she WAS writing it of to hormones.

We talked about why not start a new business at "100%" instead of 90% when you could be 100% with a LD diagnoses and tx? I worry thaqt she may be at 90% health now, but as we all know, w/o treatment, it simply will not get better . . . only worse even if subtly and over time.

The new business is not taxing on the energy like a restaurant so I know she's not taking on too much . . . Thanks again!

The morgellan's is a ringer for her . . . I agree. Also, I can give her my Dr., Dr. S in PA so if she chooses, she can start of with the best.

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