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Posted by char (Member # 8315) on :

My daughter is improving on Rocephin for a month and continuing...

She is starting to do a game on Playstation where you follow dance moves pretty much stomping to the beat, a little jumping.

She is trying to do like 20 min to 30 on good days.

How much jumping around can you safely do with a picc?

Grateful she is well enough for the question to come up!

Posted by LymeLaura (Member # 6624) on :
My daughter rode horses (jumping),played polo (horse) and sailed competitively both with a picc and with a port-a-catheter. The biggest problem was that sweating would cause the dressing covering the site to come loose. She ended having to change her dressing after each exercise session (which she learned to do by herself)in order to keep it sterile.

Of course, the port-a-cath was much easier to deal with!
Posted by becbec (Member # 8259) on :
My home nurse told me no jumping jacks or other big arm movements that could jerk the PIC out.

My doc told me I could lift a few pounds of weight with the PIC arm as long as I didn't do bicep curls, which would place too much stress directly on the PIC.

[Smile] Bec
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