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Posted by mycoplasma1 (Member # 6377) on :
I recently read "Sanctuary" by Stephen Lewis and Evan Slauson. I know frequency healing works, but with a person's picture?

Is this for real or the scam of the century?


Posted by mycoplasma1 (Member # 6377) on :
Posted by break the chains (Member # 5668) on :
i know you posted this on lyme and rife, and i and someone else responded, but i thought this should be here too, as more people will see it here. so far there are 3 posts which i would like to mirror here and i will post them all individually. the first two posts are mine, the last is someone else. with this last post my mind is made up this is a scam.
Posted by break the chains (Member # 5668) on :

i was looking at this too and after reading book reviews decided it
was a scam. I even have the book but i never read it. after i got the
book i was looking at some reviews and there were some that really
made it seem like a scam. the only reason i bought the book is because
someone reccomended it.

check out this review from amazon, there are others like it.

I read this book a few years ago and I recently saw that Stephen Lewis
is still trying to gather a flock. I've been working on myself for
many years. I try to balance my left brain (business degree) with my
right brain (by meditating). I believe in a few things that Lewis says
specifically that everything is energy but I don't believe that he has
your best interest at heart.

I went to a Lewis gathering in Denver that was run by one of his
facilitators. She had been on the AIM program for about one year.
During her talk she hardly ever smiled and she curiously had a
cold/cough. Of course, she explained that her cold must be due to the
detoxifying of her body through the AIM program. So after her talk she
shows a video of Stephen Lewis being interviewed by infomercial guru
Kevin Trudeau. Trudeau is a convicted felon and also was formerly
involved with a MLM company called Nutrition for Life. Unfortunately,
my one and only time with a MLM company was with the same Nutrition
for LIfe. The company was publicly held and after the news of Trudeau
was announced (felony) the stock plummeted and was eventually delisted.

So I'm watching the video and thinking that somehow someway this
Trudeau is involved with Lewis' company (or church). Once my sarcastic
laughter subsides I concentrate on Lewis. He very rarely looks Trudeau
in the eye and never smiles. Maybe there's no smiling allowed in this
"church"! I would think that being disease free would make you smile
all the time?! So after the video I asked the facilitator if this AIM
program was a MLM setup. She wasn't expecting that question and
noticeably became flustered. She never really answered the question
and quickly called on someone else.

Before I went to the seminar I listened to about a 2 hour long taped
radio show with Lewis taking calls. He said something to the effect
that early on his clients were rich people because they could afford
to pay him. What's his agenda, to help people or just take their money?

I put something on a message board about Lewis and a lady from CA
responded and said that she was an energy worker. She had volunteered
to help at one of his seminars. She said that she thought his energy
was "dreadful", he was rude, and that she didn't even like being in
the same room with him. She had already signed up for the AIM program
and ended it after 6 months with no positive results.

Lewis has setup an almost foolproof way to bilk people out of their
money. He has numerous disclaimers and it's setup as a "church".
Instead of just serving the rich he's made it available to the masses.
The yearly cost of $1000 is a stretch enough to keep the riff-raff out
but yet attainable enough for the spiritually gullible. The program
also locks people in because if you leave the program you'll probably
become "sick".

"What if" he can do what he says? It would be priceless! Or better yet
why not be a saint and offer it to people for free? If he has the
frequencies to heal than any other frequency will harm. So he could go
from Dr. Love to Dr. Evil. What happens if you leave the program,
could he harm you?

As we grow older we start caring more about our health and less about
our money. There is one fact, we're all going to die. Our egos might
not believe it but it's true. In my opinion, Lewis is basically a
faith healer. He dazzles you with technology (with no proven results)
and you have faith that you'll be healed by it. Where does healing
come from? It comes from inside you, not from ANYTHING outside of you.
Have faith in yourself. Do you want to feel better? Then eat better
and exercise. Do you think you can send your photo to Lewis and still
eat a box of Oreos a day and be healthy? Common sense is free!

There is one thing that will be interesting. What will Lewis die from?
I can almost guarantee it'll be reported as an "accident" and not a
disease. This is big business folks, the business entity must live on.
Posted by break the chains (Member # 5668) on :
there are a few other reviews saying the same thing, and revealing
more details of the scheme. I absolutely belive its possible, I
believe far "crazier" things are possible. I just dont believe that
these people are doing it from what I have seen. These reviews talking
about the scam do not seem to try to discredit quantum science, only
to point out that these people appear to be con artists. there seems
to be a seperate type of reviews of people who do not understand the
metaphysical and dislike the book for that reason.

Buyer Beware! Slick Multi-Level Marketing System?
There's an old saying that goes something like this: "For those who
believe no explanation is necessary. For those who don't believe no
explanation is possible."

For the past 25 years, I have been intensely interested in two
subjects: Metaphysics and marketing. Coming From that perspective,
here's my opinion: I have to admire Stephen Lewis (if that's his real
name) for inventing and implementing an ingenious and nearly foolproof
multi-level-marketing system. How? Let me count the ways.

1. His product, a complex, patented computer program that he designed,
can only be utilized through him and his organization.

2. His service, allegedly detecting "energy frequencies", is
proprietory and can only be administered by his organization.

3. Because he claims he can no longer accomodate the demands of so
many new clients, he must train interns to do the work for him. In MLM
speak, this is called the downline or pyramid. Cash flows from bottom
to top - with the top (Lewis and Slawson) getting most of the profits.

4. He makes no claims for any specific results and no promise of any
benefits except how the customer thinks they feel. Therefore, he's
exempt from money-back-guarantees, nearly immune from lawsuits and
protected from valid arguments from the medical profession.

5. His "church' is set up as a non-profit organization, therefore is

6. His "energy ministry" assures customers that one session is never
enough because their energy frequencies are always changing and they
need continual follow-up visits. He cashes in the the most profitable
element of a successful business - RESIDUAL VALUE.

7. His client base is largely from the entertainment industry and
other professionals who can afford to pay his fees.

8. The testimonials from his affluent client base are vague and
subjective, offering nothing other than they feel better or their
lives have changed. In what way? And for how long?

9. His book is generating another income stream from book-sale profits.

Lewis and Slawson have done their homework and they've got it down!
They've come pretty close to covering it from all angles. With their
system in place and establishing momentum, their only concern is to
continue to attract new customers and keep their current customers
coming back.

Now, I could be way off base and all wrong, and I wholeheartedly
welcome anyone to convince me otherwise. . . because if their system
turns out to be true and authentic, it's a miracle that everyone
(including me) deserves to participate in at any cost. Maybe the best
things in life are not free?
Snake Oil Salesmen of the 21st Century: beware the con!
In the form of a "novel," Lewis and Slawson introduce the reader to a
supposed system of "energetic evaluation" and "energy balancing" that
purports to restore ailing minds and bodies to their perfect state.
Why, then, are such sweeping disclaimers included in not only the
book, but the website of the authors'
"church" and in their public presentations as well? Why is there no
explanation, not even a hint of one, as to how the "probe" measures
the "frequencies" discussed in the book? If you have ever attended one
of Lewis' presentations, you would have observed that no mention of
this is ever made, and questions from the audience are not allowed
directly, but must be written on a sheet of paper which is collected
by Lewis' assistants; subsequently, the questions are supposedly
answered by Lewis, but how do we know that? Why does he not allow
direct questions from the audience? A bit suspicious, don't you
think?! As a Ph.D. physicist who also has an interest in matters
spiritual, I can tell you that the contents of this book and of Lewis'
presentations are nothing but the ravings of a 21st century snake oil
salesman, and a very slick one at that! He has mastered the popular
jargon of quantum mechanics, but with clearly not the faintest notion
of the meaning behind the words.
Employing computers in his "energetic evaluation" is another bit of
slick consmanship: but why does he not tell us how the "life force"
gets converted into electrical impulses that the computer can read and
display? And why does this measurement process proceed
ouiga-board-style, with the range of allowed values of the quantity
being measured being successively narrowed via a series of selections
from his spreadsheet followed by yes-or-no
responses from the computer?? If his device is truly measuring
something, then why can't it just measure it and display the result?
After all, when you read the thermometer on the wall you can tell the
temperature immediately without asking it a series of questions like
"Is the temperature between 60 and 70 degrees?" This book is utter
nonsense, and the authors should be ashamed of themselves for brazenly
taking advantage of the relative ignorance of the public when it comes
to real science and of people with real problems that need healing,
solely for the purpose of increasing the contents of their bank
accounts! The authors furthermore do a great disservice to those
spiritualist and metaphysical writers who are sincere in their efforts
to bring some measure of enlightenment to the people of the world. My
advice: don't support these con artists any further by buying their
book. Read something by a truly enlightened master instead, for
example, anything by Anthony deMello; there are many others. A simple
search here on Amazon will find them.
Posted by break the chains (Member # 5668) on :
Heres a post from someone else

From: Dave
Date: Sat Jan 7, 2006 6:03 pm
Subject: Re: [Lyme-and-rife] Re: No one has heard of "Sanctuary" or AIM Program (EMC2)?

I attended two demo programs at the "church" in west LA. During the
reading of a randomly-selected lady from the audience (same lady both
times...), the symptoms were the same, the "treatment" was the same, and
questions from the audience handed in turned out to be the "same"; no
direct questions from the audience were allowed. Con job, I thought. A
version of a QXCI or something sort-of similar was used. The audience
never saw the computer screen. The guy running it could have been
playing solitaire. No thanks. I was Very Surprised that the church
they had borrowed or rented for the presentation allowed this; seemed
like it could come back and hurt them.


missingyapok wrote:

>there are a few other reviews saying the same thing, and revealing
>more details of the scheme. I absolutely belive its possible, I
>believe far "crazier" things are possible. I just dont believe that
>these people are doing it from what I have seen. These reviews talking
>about the scam do not seem to try to discredit quantum science, only
>to point out that these people appear to be con artists. there seems
>to be a seperate type of reviews of people who do not understand the
>metaphysical and dislike the book for that reason.
Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
I belive what you said,, I read the book and wanted to send him my picture.. BUt if its using out energy then why cant we eat better and excersise take or drugs think positive,,, ultimatelly our immune ststems will back down with all those cytokines and feel better!!!!!

I wright more maybee tomarrow.

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