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Posted by luke339 (Member # 8580) on :
I started to have symptoms about 4 weeks ago. Started off with twitching in my muscles and left side of my chest. Went to emergency room and they told me I could have pneumonia, gave me anti-biotics and sent me on my way. Got over the sickness i thought, got on an airplane, at 35,000 feet experienced a hot feeling in my ear which quickly spread to my eye, it was radiating heat. Got off the plane experienced vertigo, neck pain, eye felt swullon although it was not, ear felt weird. went to ER in the morning they did CT scan, it was negative but said nastagmus present. Said i need PRI with contrast if symptoms got worse. Went a couple days feeling fatigued, dizzy, left eye sluggish, left ear felt clogged.
Finally at 2:30 AM had enormous pain and buring up my neck and into the left side of my head, felt nauscious big time, sweating profusely. Went to ER again the did MRI with contrast (Columbia Prespaterian Hospital) did heart doplars, neck doplars, everything was normal. Did spinal tap was negative for everything (spinal taps suck big time by the way). Still feeling these symptoms, stiff neck, left arm feels hot weird buring sensation, muslces twitching on body on left side, heartbeat pounding but not rapid until i do exercise. Heartbeat keeps me awake at night, have not slept in two nights. when i turn my neck it grinds a little. Went to ER again yesterday complaining of severe neck and back stiffness and pain, they sent me home saying that it was from spinal tap. today went to doctor, she is testing me for hyperthyroidism but doubt thats the case. Does Lyme's Disease cause weight loss? lost ten pounds in 1 month. All tests done for MS were negative thank god. What treats Lymes Disease? I have asthma so that might throw a wrentch into the works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted by mycoplasma1 (Member # 6377) on :
Sounds like me when I came down with this (I was in LA don't let them fool you into thinking you can't get Lyme there!).

See a LLMD (lyme literate Med. Dr.) ASAP and get on some ABX! Don't let it go like I did!

Dr. F (Rheumotologist) at the Riverside Clinic is good.

Be well,

Posted by SForsgren (Member # 7686) on :
Sounds familiar to me as well. I know of people that lost weight with LD, but I would also get tested for digestive parasites in addition to the Lyme (not Lyme's) and coinfection testing. Heart palpitations could be caused by Babesia... Good luck
Posted by cstockwell (Member # 8201) on :
Pretty much on the mark with the symptoms I experienced initially. Please get tested and see if you can get on abx as soon as possible while you are getting an appt. with a llmd.
Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi Luke

Fist off you need to know
the tests for lyme are
almost useless--
Dont depend on them--at all--

Read Dr Bs info on the newbee page-
its written in planer language
and is a good place to start--

Read other things on newbee page too-

Dont let doctors say lyme
not around here--
Its not in Austin eather-LOL
Its Everywhere--

My local LLMD(lyme doctor)
in Austin just opened a office
in San Francisco becaues its
not there eather---

It is Super Important to get
on antibotics ASAP--
Dont waste any time
Days count--

If you where just infected
you stand a very good chance
of stopping the disease and
living a good life--

After about 2 weeks
the germs get more entrinched-

Many germs can be killed with
low dose of ABX (Antibotics)_--
Lyme is Not one of them--

Doses have to be much higher
than normal 3X to be effective--
And taken Much longer

The side effects from taking ABX
are nothing compaired to Lyme disease--

Dont be scaired of ABX be scaired
of lyme --

Lyme is DX (diagnosed) by
symptoms ONLY because the
tests are so poor---

If your symptoms match disease-
Treat as if you have it--

Also beaware the the tick can
give you several types of infection
at the same time---so you could
have 2 or more germs in you

The symptoms of each are similar-
so read up on them--

Spinal taps rearly if ever
show up lyme so you may have gone
threw that for nothing--Ouch--

Lyme and the co infections
wreek havoc on your body
so weight loss is not supprising--

Search the doctors page here
and find a LLMD close to you--

If you feel you have lyme and or
co infections and doctors will
not help you properly
you have to other actions--

Take time off from work ect
and read info here
to get help ASAP--

Days count now--

There are very caring people
on this site almost 24x7--
And no question is stupid--
Just ask--

Any time you write a post give
as much info as you can--

Also brake up post into
paragraphs--makes much easier
for us to read--

The search function on this site
is very good --lots of good info there-

From the symptoms you mentioned
you sound like you could have
lyme and or co infections to me--

Remember- the tests are very poor-
so DX by symptoms ONLY---Jay--
Posted by treepatrol (Member # 4117) on :
Its possible you have lyme you need a LLMD thats a Dr who trets lyme and has done it for a while understands its complexities. Read the Newbie links good luck [Smile]

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