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Posted by 4jake (Member # 8120) on :
My first indication of lyme in my son was his multiple bullseye rashes on his arms and legs. We never saw a tick. I know multiple rashes can mean advanced Lyme. If anyone else on this board had multiple bullseye rashes.
Posted by david1097 (Member # 3662) on :

Multiple "bullseye" with no indication of insect bite in the center of each is a clear an unequivocal sign of diseminated lyme infection. This means it has spread around the body already.

Not to worry thought, although disseminated it is likely still an early stage as this supposidely happens a few months after the intial tick bite.

TAKE PICURES OF THE RASH BEFORE IT GOES AWAY, (proof of the rash is all that is needed for a lyme diagnosis). and get to a Dr as soon as reasonably possible (mainly to ensure that the rash is still there). Use a ruler when you take the picures and make sure that they are good pictures of all the areas affected, they will indispensible in future diagnosis for proof of disease.

How do I know this....

I had disseminated rash AND went to a Dr to figure out what it was. Back then nobody knew anything about Lyme. I also had pictures of it (purely by accident) I have been suffereing from that initial lack of knowlegde for a number of years now (although the debilitating symtoms did not show up for over 5 years). If I had know this information back them I would not be sittign in front of the computer now with an IV dripping into my arm (and waiting for it to finish before I go to bed)

Treat it in diseminated rash stage, and he will likely be off oral antibiotics in a couple of months (or less). At least that what I have been told by one of the best Lyme Dr's in the world. This is of course patient specific but I mention this to reiterate that it is still likely an early case.

Good luck.
Posted by bpeck (Member # 3235) on :
Yes. I have had these multiple bulls eyes. But they are not what I would call a typical rash in that they are not raised, nor do the itch.
They are below the surface of the skin on me, and they are a manifestation of late Lyme.

Posted by vitch (Member # 8094) on :
Take pictures & get to a LLMD asap. They are indicative of late Lyme.
Posted by trails (Member # 1620) on :
I had multiple Bulls eye rashes after the initial one one month prior. This was in 1991.

It is diseminated lyme, stage is unclear, as the spirochetes can move through tissues very quickly. And it differs in every body.

TAKE PHOTOS as suggested. NO MATTER WHAT---TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS and date them. It is also good for him to have these photos for later in life. So he can "prove" to other docs if he experiences lyme sx that he indeed had Lyme with the bullseye rashes. (I didnt do this and the doctor notes say "large circular Hives." Not good enough.

Is he seeing a LLMD?

Good luck to you both!
Posted by 4jake (Member # 8120) on :
I would like to thank everyone for their postings. I was just curious and worried.

We go to a llmd in springfield in a week.

I do have pictures.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Originally posted by 4jake:
We go to a llmd in springfield in a week.

He'll be in GOOD hands!

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