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Posted by cantgiveupyet (Member # 8165) on :
It seems i take my abx which is cedax. about 4-5 hours later my bladder starts to hurt.

I dont know if the abx is iritating the bladder. I suspect i have IC and i am seeing a urologist.

or this is some herx of sorts.

This really is my only MAJOR symptom. Otherwise i feel ok. Weight loss and chest pressure are my other symptoms right now.

Its like i have a bladder infection every day.

Ive had numerous cultures and uranalysis done so i know it isnt a true bacterial infection.

I have the PH strips and my PH is reading 6.5.

Its also odd that i herxed a lot more the first time on cedax and now its nothing.....same when i was on flagyl for a week.

The two abx i herxed bad on was doxy........and i believe zithromax (its sill up in the air if that was a true allergic reaction)

Im going to increase my cedax dose to 800mg tonite and see what happens.
Posted by ebrischoux (Member # 7281) on :
Hey we are still having the same problems with my on...Went to urologist on Wednesday as he was having swollen testes and of course wasnt swollen for the few days prior to visit.

He is sending him for ultrasound of kidneys and going to do a cystscopy (sp) to look at bladder....

My son has had this problem with urination since last year at this time and has not gotten any better....

Numerous urinalysis showed nothing at all....

He cannot communicate and it was driving me crazy that Primary cannot find out what is going on...

I asked LLMD if his patients complain of bladder problems and he said just about ALL of them have bladder problems...

Will let you know what transpires....Cystscopy will be done on 3/27....

Posted by cantgiveupyet (Member # 8165) on :
Thanks EB,

i will probably be having one of those done myself. They havent mentioned it yet, but im sure it is in the plan.

I thought certain foods agrivated it...but i cant figure it out. Its not as bad as it once was....but its enough to keep me at home.

I hope you get some answers for your son.

my LLMD said the same thing lyme likes the bladder.

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