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Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
I felt pretty good last night-very relaxed. Today, I am so sore! Not horrible pain, just achiness and such. I know it's only my second treatment and I have to give it time.

I committed to 12 treatments. We'll see what happens. He muscle tested me for several supplements and the only two he put me on yesterday was the following:

Lonicera&Forsythia formula ( I have a cold and I understand this is only to treat colds and flu?)

Ginseng&astragalus combination: for energy.

The other supplements for energy and cold I tested negative for. I hope that these things will help. He did get rid of my sore throat though-just lots of drainage today.

Still, I feel so tired and such today and very depressed. I think I also overdid it yesterday going to the zoo. I just want to feel good again ya know?

He is going to muscle test me on Friday for meds for my stomach. I hope that will help too.

Posted by AZURE WISH (Member # 804) on :
I hope acupunture and your new supplements helps ease your symptoms....

I know sometimes accupunture can take a little while to work..

Best wishes [Smile]
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
"with every vial of toxin we release, we release a vial of toxic emotions* -- that's how my doctor explained to me the reaction after a successful treatment. Have a good cry! It helps.

Take care.
Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
Originally posted by GiGi:
"with every vial of toxin we release, we release a vial of toxic emotions* -- that's how my doctor explained to me the reaction after a successful treatment. Have a good cry! It helps.

Take care.

Gigi, did you do acupuncture?

Posted by Christine202 (Member # 6158) on :
Hi Nancy - I'm glad your accupuncturists muscle tests... If not it is very hard to know whether a supplement , or HErb is going to be good for you or not at that particular time in treatment.

It can make you feel "worse" but its a good thing as long as you take it slow...

Also the emotional stuff I have released have been a million times more healing and powerful than anything else I have done...

Hang in there!
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Nal, No, I did not do acupuncture.

The KMT microcurrent, Neural Therapy, Emotional treatment, any successful detox agent (herbals, abx,) will release some of the emotional garbage we have stashed away over our lifetime. I used to go into a crying binge right there on the table when ART tested and treated with neural therapy. Dr. K. would say "yes, let it all go". Even a good lymph drainage therapy will do that. A massage can trigger the same.

We are not only biochemical individuals. We are actually human who store emotional experiences that affect our biochemistry. Healing takes place on many levels, and that includes the mental/emotional level, and the structural level. Any good doctor knows that.

And as long as we understand what happens and why (depressed during or after treatment) the return to health is much much quicker. If emotional problems hang on, healing is a wishful thought but is not likely to happen.

I learned it by living it.

My best wishes to you.
Posted by lisag (Member # 6798) on :
so interesting to read about the emotional release that can happen after some treatments.

i had some really intense body work done last week to break up and move toxins.

after the work was completed i was incredibly depressed. i cried the whole weekend...feeling hopeless and in despair.

i feel so much better knowing this may be a natural reaction to the body work and not just me falling apart again.

thanks gigi for sharing this.

warmly, lisa
Posted by Christine202 (Member # 6158) on :
I have had emotional releases from Shamanic Work, accupuncture and energy work...

Its rough to confront an issue that is so deep down in you that you have held on to it for so long, but after the release its like a weight has lifted.

I am a firm believer in that our physical body is only an extension of our emotional/spiritual bodies and that any dis-ease that comes to us is b.c of blockages in that dept... Cell memory is a scientific fact.. look at transplant recipients taking on charicteristics of the donor.....

Its such a big part of the whoile body healing process..
Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
Good point everyone. I do notice I get more depressed after having body work done (massage, acupuncture, and sometimes even chiropractic adjustments). I was just very concerned about how my muscles have been reacting to the acupuncture.

Im hoping over time it will get better. Ugggh! Has anyone else here heard of the herbs I mentioned? Farah has been a huge asset to me in giving me advice and such and I really have appreciated that!

Posted by Healing in Santa Cruz (Member # 7798) on :
Hi Nal,Glad U are getting accupuncture. That is so great he is doing muscle testing. Works 4 me as does using a pendulum. These take alot of practice to learn. I love all the energy work accupuncture,homeopathy,reike,emdr,etc,etc

so many wonderful tools if we are open to them. Bach flower remedies is another great one. Especially rescue remedy. Muscle test or pendlum all. We are all so different.

I do alot of journaling going through all the emotions after stuffing them for yrs. It really helps me and also to flow and accept whatever comes up. Pretty hard at times.

Blessings to your healing. Joyce
Posted by beachcomber (Member # 5320) on :

I read your post with great curiosity. I know what Nal is feeling and what Gigi speaks of. I sometimes feel drained (no pun intended), sore and depressed the day after Lymphatic Drainage work.

However, I feel the opposite after Cranialsacral work & Somatic Experiencing work, which I would have thought would really upset me because of all the emotions it tends to tap into. Instead, I feel relaxed, tired and released.

My curiosity is about your Shamanic work. Did you go to a Shaman in South America? Did you do it here? I know that some of the plant "tonics" used are not legal in this country. Have been reading about this form of work and it intrigues me.

You can email me privately if you prefer. Thanks.

Posted by Christine202 (Member # 6158) on :
HI Beach - I just PM'ed you......
Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
So do you all mostly get tired and drained after your treatments, or do you experience an increase in symptoms as well?

Posted by Christine202 (Member # 6158) on :
Hi Nancy - for me it has usually been both....

It has really wiped me, and also increased symptoms for a while..

At first I got scared and thought I was setting myself back... Kept telling myself I would never do anything like that again etc etc....

But after the Fog lifted I saw such an improvement... I think for me more emotional, that leads to physical wellness....
Posted by Andie333 (Member # 7370) on :
I've been getting weekly acupuncture treatements for about 13 months.

In the beginning, I found my symptoms would flare for a day or so. Now, after any treatment, my energy really soars, and I feel great.


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