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Posted by lucy (Member # 7802) on :
I still seem to be experiencing a sense of unsteadiness that began when I started Mino 15 days ago.

It varies from day to day in intensity.
Anyone else have this and if so how long did it last?
Posted by robi (Member # 5547) on :
My mino herx lasted a long time. Like months not days. I still take it but only get the "head screaming" sound every few weeks. Sounds like a train screeching n the railroad tracks.

It helped me. If you feel bad though, you should check with doc.


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Posted by PinchotGail (Member # 5066) on :
Yes!......I had this, especially when I increased from 100mg 2x a day to 200mg 2x a day. It was awful and didn't go away until I was off of it for several weeks. I seemed to tolerate the 100mg but each time I tried to increase, bam, the unsteadiness instantly appeared.

Tell your doc, they may take you off........

Posted by lucy (Member # 7802) on :
Thanks for your imput Gail, 'cause I'd rather think it is due to the Mino than the Babs which was my other(scarier) thought and why I couldn't go back to sleep and am now on the computer....
Posted by LC (Member # 7070) on :
I had this immediately after starting this med at 100 mg 2x day. Also instense head/ear pain and pressure.

My dr. decreased dose to 50 mg 2x day and it subsided. I think this is the kiddie dose.

I stayed on that dose for a month and a few weeks ago went back to 100 mg 2xday. The dizziness and pain didn't come back.

I'm going to slowly work up to full dose of 200 mg 2xday

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