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Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
Hi everyone! Today, hubby/I received our annual Abbott Lab annual report which I thoroughly review on the new meds they are working on for specific illnesses.

LYME - have you ever inquired with the company directly what drugs they may be working on to help us with CHRONIC LYME?

I did notice they are the makers of BIAXIN XL "antibiotic for treatment of common upper and lower bacterial respiratory tract infections."

I'll show name of med & what is used for:

XACT CAROTID STENT with the Emboshield Embolic Protection System, which together provide a minimally invasic alternative to surgery for people at risk of STROKE. + received regulatory approval to lauunch, the STARCLOSE vessel closure device of FEMORAL ARTERY following a catheterization procedure..


CELL-DYN SAPPHIRE HEMATOLOGY system, following its successful launch in Europe.

We received regular approval for, and launched, several new assays across ourrange of diagnostic technologies, in cluding tests for bladder cancer, hepatitis C, and the cardiac marker BNP.

HUMIRA, anti-TNF-biologic agent for psoriatic arthritis and early rheumatoid arthritis . Also firled for approval of HUMIRA to treat ankylosing spondylitis.

DEPAKOTE ER for mania in bipolar disorder, epileopsy, and migraine headache prevention.

ZEMPLAR CAPSULES, oral form of IV activated vitamin D therapy for dialysis patients n USA. New form allows patients who have earlier stages of kidney disease who are not yet on dialysis to benefit from the medicine as well.

KALETRA, world's number one HIV protease inhibitor once-daily dosing and a new tablet formulation that requires no refrigeration and few pills per dose.

PIPELINE PROGRESS moving through our development pipeline.

drug-eluting stent program our ZOMAXX clinical
trials continue to progress;

WALLIS SYSEM USA initiated clinic trials or a novel device for stabilization of the spine.

FREE-STTYLE NAVAGATOR, our highly innovative system designed for continuous glucose monitoring, AWAITING US FDA approval.


HUMIRA for Crohn's diease, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, and juvenile rheumatoid arthrtis.

XINLAY for treatment on non-metastatic hormone refractory prostate cancer.

VICODIN pain med of the controlled-release form has begun for Phase 3 clinical trials.

DIAGNOSTICS PRODUCTS GROUP -- do you know if western blot igm/igg have ever been done by Abbott and including ALL STRAINS?

INFECTIOUS DISEASES, ID - Weve been a world leader in ID research for than 20 years.

Discovery effots center on treatments to address the growing global epidemic of HEPITITIS C (hcv). Estimated 170 million people worldwide are infected with HCV, and 3-4 million people are newly infected each year. (Betty's note, of course nothing about CHRONIC LYME disease!)

VICODIN pain med for moderate to moderately severe pain. Early research includes innovative therapies for schizophrenia, Alzheimer's disease, and pain.


Several late-stage compounds fall outside our therapeutic areas of focus. These include the:
chronic heart failure treatment LEVOSIMENDAN;
ongoing research with our cholesterol and triglycerid med, TRICOR, and is also being studied in people with DIABETES.

The FIELD study was conducted to deternine whether early intervention with fenofibrate, TRICOR, could have an impact on cariovascular events in patients with type 2 dibetes and in
compounds in developemtn by our TAP joint ventue, including novel treatments for gout and acid reflux disease.

REAL-TIME PCR - polymerase chain reaction tests monitor hepatitis C and HIV viral loads in patients. These state-of-the art tests provide data that enable pyhsicians to make better therapy choices for their patients.

INFIX - assembled inside the patient during surgery, the infix device allows surgeons to restore spine stbility.

PRECISION XTRA - measuring both blood glucose and blood KETONE levels!

ARCHITECT, includes tests for ovarian and breast cancer as well as MYOGLOBIN, which complete the ARCHITECT acute cardiac panel.

In Europe in 2006, we launched an additional test for chlamydia & gonorrhea, the world's 2 most common secually tranmitted diseases.

HIV, chlamydia/gonorrhea assays are also expected to start in USA in 06.

Also reseaching tests for certain types of cancer, including cervical, esophageal, and melanoma.

Our UROVYSION TEST also approved for use as an aid in initial diagnosis of blader cancer in patients with hematuria, blood in urine. This expanded claim makes UROVYSION the first gene-based test available borh for diagnosis and monitoring of bladder cancer recurrence.

Chronic kidney disease, many develop secondary hyperparathyroidism, SHPT, which can affect vital organs and cause bone disease. SHPT can occur when the kidneys los their ability to activate vitamin D, which is obaine thru diet and other sources.

OMNICEF isa cephalosoporin antibiotic that has been proven effective for common acterial infections of the ear, sinus, throad, and skin.

AB-984 in development for MULTIPLE SCHLEROSIS Is an investigational biologic theapy designed to target and neutralize interleukin - 12 (IL-12), a PROTEIN that regulates inflammatory response.

ABT-874 is in phase 2 studies for AUTOIMMUNE diseas, including psoriasis and MS. Very few treatment options are avialble for MS - a disease in which the neres of the rin and spinal coard are damaged by one's own immune system.

levosimendan is on the market in several countries OUTISDE USA for actutely decompensated heart failure, and in late-stage development in the USA.

FEBUXOSTAT late-stage development at TAP, our joint venture with Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., for new treatment of high uric acid leels asociated with gout.

TAK-390MR, investigational product for treatment of ACID-related diserders in phase 3 , and ILAPROZOLE, investigational proton pump inhibitor in phase 2 development in 2006.

THE END -- forgive my typos; tried to catch as many as I could; hard for me to do this now. Fingers just won't cooperate with my mind! Took me 2 hrs. to type. [Mad]

I hope you have learned something about a new drug for YOUR specific illness.
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
up; I want folks to see the new meds available for many illnesses.

Of course, lyme isn't mentioned except for BIAXIN XL pills; plus synthroid for our thyroid.

Posted by Truthfinder (Member # 8512) on :
Boy, not very encourageing from a Lyme standpoint.

You would think the drug companies would be leading the charge and supporting the all the Lymies out there who need treatment. Maybe they have just been "lawsuited" to the point that they don't want to be connected to any more controvery. And Lyme treatment is certainly controversial.

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
I also heard back from a former co-worker, who had this to say:

"Thanks betty I get Abbott as well and you gave a good summary of a lot of stuff.

I get Merck pfizer, Baxter, Dr Reddys, and Arena as well but I have yet to see any lyme disease drug trials in the works ."

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
up we go...
Posted by newdurham77 (Member # 7815) on :

Thank you for doing this! The report (and also the other companie's reports) is also available on their websites - usually in PDF formats.

Let me provide you with a simple answer why they don't do anything for us. They are for-profit companies - and the target market is, frankly, small. The truth is that doxy (and other traditional abx) still work for quite a few of the cases, leaving the more complicated cases as maybe tens of thousands, in an optimistic estimation.

Now compare that with the traditional "common, but neglected diseases" like TB, malaria, etc, where major research stopped in the 70s. MILLIONS of people continue to DIE from these diseases every year.

Unfortunately, it is easy to blame the companies; that is not the solution. They are not charitable organizations and they shouldn't act like ones.

On the other hand, governments can do A LOT MORE to help us. And I hope they do, SOON!

Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
up for weekend crowd...

will see if Treepatrol will post on his newbie links so I won't keep dragging this up to top..


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