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Posted by jwenny (Member # 8831) on :
Just curious for all those on Mepron/Zith for babs, how long did it take for you to start feeling better? I'm sure it varies from person to person but just trying to get a rough idea.
Posted by minoucat (Member # 5175) on :
I felt much worse (terrible headache and achiness) for the first 3 months; it really wasn't until I was 5 months into it that I felt an improvement.

For me the protocol worked very well. I was on it for 9 months total, was free of babs sx for about 5 months, had a relapse that was treated with malarone and zith, and have been free of babs for about a year.

The hubby didn't fare so well on this protocol and had 2 bad relapses (although the first time around he seemed cured). He's now using primaquine and mepron, which seems to be having a very good effect. So far.
Posted by jwenny (Member # 8831) on :
Thanks minoucat...I'm about to finish my first month of mep/zith. Definitely have felt worst than better. Hopefully, I'll see a glimmer of light in the next couple of months.
Posted by shazdancer (Member # 1436) on :
My doc put me on a "do 6 weeks and see how you feel" regimen.

At about the 4 day mark, I felt like #$%^&. Then right at the 4 week mark, I herxed like i had caught a horrible case of the flu, could barely get out of bed.

(I recently was in a bad car accident. A driver flew through a stop sign and totalled my car. The airbags went off, the whole bit. As I sat there, hurting all over and dazed, I thought, "This is exactly how I felt when I herxed on Mepron/Zith!")

Two days after completing the medication, I brightened noticeably. The I continued to get better. That stuff kicked the bugs into remission. Don't know if it was the Zith for Lyme or the combo for babs that did it, but am happy to be enjoying such good health again.

Hang in there,
Posted by Yemaya (Member # 8842) on :
I start the Zith next week & the Mepron the following week. I am scared to say the least.

Then again my whole life right now feels like a car wreck.

Wish me luck. Jwenny good luck to you too. Shaz I really glad to hear you have had success and are feeling better.

Love & Light
Posted by docjen (Member # 7510) on :
I started feeling better about 3 months into treatment. I am not about 5 months on the mepron/zith and still feel I have a little bit more to get rid of. I have read on lymenet about people feeling better almost immediately when taking mepron/zith. Not the case for me. I had a horrendous herx for about 6 to 8 weeks (thought daily about stopping treatment). Glad I stuck with it. Good luck!
Posted by jwenny (Member # 8831) on :
Thanks everyone for your responses! From what I read on this board, it seems mep/zith does seem to work for most however it does seem to take a while before feeling better... Relapses do appear common so I would definitely stay on the meds for a while longer after the symptoms clear or you get a negative test result!

Best wishes with your healing!
Posted by WildCondor (Member # 434) on :
ABout 3-4 months into treatment did I start seeing improvements. hang in there! Are your doses high enough?
Posted by DolphinLady (Member # 6275) on :
Within days of starting mepron/zith I felt like a million bucks. Then I started to herx and while symptoms continue to resolve the herxing is long and hard especially since I added in artemisinin.
Posted by Foggy (Member # 1584) on :
Originally posted by DolphinLady:
Within days of starting mepron/zith I felt like a million bucks.

Ditto, well, maybe 500k. [Big Grin]

This made a HUGE difference. It took switching LLMDs and 8 months but was worth it.
Posted by jwenny (Member # 8831) on :
Thanks everyone... I definitely feel worst than when I started ... I've never been good at telling when I'm herxing but if this isn't a herx then I'd hate to see what one is. I'm reading that day 4 week 4 are are while on mep/zith...anyone to back this up? With no improvement I can't help but wonder if the medicine is working or not.

No pain no gain right?

Best wishes and happy herxing!

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