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Posted by joprit (Member # 7543) on :
My neighbor's 12 yr old son had TWO deer ticks attached to him. The nymph "fell apart" when she removed it. The larger female came off intact.
The female didn't look engorged. Her doc will not
give her antibiotics even tho we live in an endemic area. Doc thought he had strep throat tho and gave her small supply of amoxicillin. (Does that make sense? Yes for strep, no for possible Lyme) She wants to know if she should give her son the amount of antibiotics she has or not. Better some than none or not. The ticks were found about 10 days ago. Thanks for your input
Posted by bettyg (Member # 6147) on :
Jo, I'm not a MD; just misdx for 35 years.

Ethical question here; hopefully some nurses will come on or in AM to answer this from their perspective.

He definitely needs abx, but it needs to be PRESCRIBED FOR HIM; not his Moms.

How Mom contacting her LLMD since she has abx pills and she could get him in to see her son?
MD couldn't prescribe over phone ... remember the incidents happening now with both DR. J's health dept. hearings going on...trying to take away their MD license! You don't know about this?

Go to the top of medical 1st screen & read all the posts thee!

Posted by char (Member # 8315) on :
I have an idea. How about printing up info and giving packet to this Mom.

I have referred many to the lymenet and evidently my friends are getting lost in amongst the wealth of info. Especially older friends who are less computer literate. so I am working on getting ready to print out most relevant and hand out. Just an idea for you.

This family is fortunate to have your concern!

Posted by valymemom (Member # 7076) on :
Immediately when my 18 year old removed his tick we put him on amoxi 3x daily and then forced our duck primary care doctor to add to it so he was on this abx for 5 weeks.

He developed great fatigue and mono-like symptoms 2 1/2 months later. An ID doctor we went to who we heard was lyme literate/friendly refused to test him through Igenex but put him on Augmentin because of throat infection and fever.

We found an llmd in August 05 and he is still ill/being treated.

My suggestion is get to an llmd.

I developed symptoms two months after removing an adult tick that same winter.

Again the best advice for her is to call/see an llmd.
Posted by joprit (Member # 7543) on :
I'm sorry I wasn't clearer. My neighbors's SON was given amoxycillin bc his doc thought he had strep throat- but wouldn't give it for having 2 deer ticks on him!

The question is this: Is it better to take 10 days of Abx or none at all?

I know the BEST thing is to get the proper treatment with proper meds but not everyone is so ready to ditch their pediatrician because their neighbor says they need to.

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