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Posted by metasequoia (Member # 9325) on :
My 6 year old daughter had an insect bite on April 29, it was itchy, oval, pink & about 2", not really a bull's eye pattern. On May 1st we gave her 1 dose of zithromax. In retrospect, I should have given her more, sooner, but we weren't sure it was a Lyme rash.

So it's been a month, she's had no complaints at all & seems healthy, she has a rash on the back of her neck, behind her ears & a little bit on her upper back. It looks like prickly heat & is itchy, it HAS been VERY hot here & she has long hair that could have irritated.

WWYD? Anyone have a prickly heat type rash that was itchy? It doesn't look bull's eye like at all & has no pattern.
Posted by daniella (Member # 6753) on :
careful here
Posted by concerned mother (Member # 8128) on :
My sons rash looked like eczema and I did not realize it and it was lyme! Keep a close watch out for her!
[Big Grin]
Posted by cbb (Member # 788) on :
I'm not a dr, but will give an opinion based on the Lyme experiences in my family - my grandson, my father, & myself.

Take pictures of the rash today. Date them & keep in her medical info forever!!
The rash does not have to look like the textbook pictures. There are so many variations!!!

I think she should be seen by an LLMD - ASAP.
If she does have Lyme (& it is a possibility) it's still early in the disease.

The earlier the treatment, the better the results, but ONLY if treatment is strong enough & long enough!!!

A couple doses of Zithromax won't do it.

On p. 19 of "Diag Hints & Treatment Guidelines," the recommended treatment for children:
Early Localized (EM rash & no constitutional symptoms) is oral therapy for 6+ weeks.

On page 17: "Antibiotic Choices & Doses"

On page 32-33, read "Rationale for Treating Tick Bites" - especially the last paragraph.

In my case, I removed a tick that was attached only 4-6 hours. Some time later, I had an oval itchy rash about 1" x 1 1/2". Didn't know what it meant, so I had no treatment. Rash cleared up.

My constitutional symptoms did not appear for another 5 to 10 years & they were so mild, I didn't see a dr.
(They wouldn't have done anything anyway.)
Did not get a diagnosis for another 4 or 5 years.

In my 14 yr old grandson's case, not aware of a tick bite or rash, but we're pretty sure he got Lyme when he was 7 yrs old. It was several yrs before he was diagnosed & treatment lasted till symptoms were gone. Next year, symptoms were back.
Long story - short, he has neurological Lyme & has to fly to CT every 3 months to be treated by Dr J.

I wish both of us had been given the opportunity to treat early!!

Was the original rash near the present rash?

If you have a LLMD, have her evaluated ASAP.
If you don't have a LLMD, please go to Seeking a Dr here on LymeNet & put your location & child's age in the title. Info will be given in private message.

If there's doubt about diagnosis, I would definitely ask for prophylactic treatment.

If it's Lyme, you have been given the chance to treat early. If the opportunity is missed, it won't come around again.
It's so much better to err on the side of caution!
Posted by cbb (Member # 788) on :
back to the top for Erin to see it.
Posted by Trina (Member # 9270) on :
I did get lyme this month with the classic EM and I also had an itchy neck off and on for about 2 weeks.I thought my neck was pink but my daughter said it was because I was itching it so mutch.I do not want to scare you in any way,just wanted to reply to your question.
Posted by cbb (Member # 788) on :
Erin, have you seen the responses?
Posted by metasequoia (Member # 9325) on :
cbb, If it's been a few days over a month, her neck is itching, but no rash, she has mentioned once or twice that her eyeballs are sore but no other symptoms, do you think still think prophylactic treatment would work?

I think of that, but what about possible co-infection? She's 6 so I can't do doxy yet.

Darn, this stuff is overwhelming. Advice? I wonder how long she should be on abx?

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