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Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
After all the research I have done and info I have gotten on here, I have decided to quit taking the prilosec. I swear its destroying my system.

You see, before I went on it 6 years ago, all I had was terrible heartburn. Shortly after starting it, the stomach burning, nauesea symptoms started up.

Its been tough because I do have Lyme (had it then too but didn't know it) and most of my dr's have felt the problem was fromt he Lyme and not the PPI's. However, I still firmly believe that the PPI's are the root cause of the stomach pain.

Am I crazy?? I know others on here have talked in the past about why PPI's are not healthy anyway and that they can cause bacteria to grow in the stomach (we all know thats not good for us at all)


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Posted by Trina (Member # 9270) on :
Hello Nancy,
Have you ever been checked for Hpylory? I know my spelling is way off these days.I had it and ulcers at the same time.Hplory will not go away on it own.I had to take a mix of meds for 2 weeks to heal my stomach.But it worked.Before I had a burning stomach and acid refulx.

Have you had this test done? It is a virus, my mother had it also and she even thru up blood. Slippery Elm is all natual and is great for your stomach, you can buy it at a health food store.

My daughter is on the same type of medication and you have to take it two hours before you eat or it does no good what so ever. You might check with your pharmacy just to make sure you are taking it right. And you have to be consistant with the time thing, even if you have to set a clock early in morning.She takes Ranitidine 300 mg,I hope this helps
Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :
hey Nal

I am in the same boat right now. After my scope showed stomach inflamation my GI doc again said prilosec. Am only going to stay on for 14 days.

My mom is on it for 2 years and every time she trys to go off her stomach turns bad again. So I don't know if this is a mouse wheel or not.

It is helping some what but I do also worry about the lowered stomach acid. I mean thats one of the reasons we have stomach acid ,not only to help break down food but to keep down the growth of bacteria and yeast.

I have been doing the aloe juice now again at 1 ounce 3XD> notice not much difference.

Not really sure what to do now myself.

Wish there where some answer's. I sent my stomach biopsy to MDL but the chance of finding a speck of body part in such a tiny speciman is a long shot. If it is lyme or the co-'s ,pretty sure my stomach couldn't handle any meds right now. So it definetly is a catch 22 situation.

Hang in there [group hug]

I did do aprox 2 months of mastic gum to no avail. And the slippery elm didn't do squate either.

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