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Posted by geniveve (Member # 8646) on :
for me the worst part is this awful ringing in the ears. seems to be getting louder. it started a couple of weeks after i got bit (jun 05).

I've been on amoxy since january and i frankly don't think i'm getting better, no worse, but some days suck!

so has anybody ever gotten rid of this awful ringing in the ears and how did you do it????
Posted by shazdancer (Member # 1436) on :
Be sure you tell your LLMD that you have ringing, because some antibiotics have tinnitus as a side effect, and you certainly don't want to make it worse.

Also, have your otolaryngologist (ears, nose, throat guy) check you out. Excess wax pressing up against the eardrum can contribute to ringing as well.

As for me, the ringing has never been horrible, and I get different sounds at different times. The "spring peepers" sound can be downright soothing, if you like the little beggers (maybe they eat ticks!).

The sounds were loudest and in both ears when I was ill, just about non-existent these days, and more in my left ear. I know I have lost some hearing due to Lyme, and am waiting on a specialist to evaluate what I have lost and if there's anything to do about it.

Best wishes...

Can you hear me now? [Wink]

Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi geniveve

My have had ringing for years--
After I started treatment for babs
the ringing has mostly gone away--now

Sometimes completely gone--
a day or two

It took many months for this to happen--

At first the tone started changing -
then the volume-- then it would stop
for short periods-hours--

To make the ringing less noticeable
I have the TV or radio on at low
volume to help cover the sound-
helps alot--Jay--
Posted by Trina (Member # 9270) on :
I have this to.It never stops, I have to sleep with a fan on so I don't hear the ringing as loud.

The doctor said there is nothing they can do
Posted by tothepoorhouse (Member # 8595) on :
I had this so bad I bought earphones, even though the vibration and noise still came through. At least it helped some.

One thing that helped me was Klonopin. I take just a half tablet, with rx from doc, and it helps with this and the brain fog.

Ask your doc about this option. [Smile]
Posted by spiral (Member # 9217) on :
it was the ringing in the ears along with headaches that finally sent me in search of a diagnosis for all seemingly unrelated symptoms.

the ringing or noise (like a million crickets in the trees at night) gets worse when i am tired.

However, after taking two months of doxy 300, the headaches, foggy/fuzzy brain and tinnitus subsided. Other symptoms included fatique, major hip joint pain, odd ball pains, chest/muscle spasms, strange and intermittent dizziness went away. I finished 3 mos of doxy and stopped. after 14 mos no abx, h/a & tinnitus symptoms returned. after 6 wks of doxy now pretty clear again, only sporadic noisyness when i am tired.

BEFORE Lyme diagnosed, ENT told me, the tinnitus was due to high-pitch loss in both ears, mostly on right. (I knew about that loss 13 yrs earlier). I asked whether it was ever a Lyme symptom, and he said, could be -- "we can run labs," he said. since i was already considering other symptoms, that discussion was enough to send me to an LLMD and get immediate help. My sero was indeterminate/not conclusive. Funny how the abx worked.

Have you done doxy or rocephrin -- those are the ones that cross the brain barrier...??

good well
Posted by Nebula2005 (Member # 8244) on :
I was thinking about posting a topic asking if my ear problems could be Babesia!

After four months of 100mg doxy 2x a day (I know, too small a dose, don't you love doctors?), the ringing is just as bad if not worse.

I've had this for two solid freaking years.

Sometimes it gets quieter but it never goes away. It's enough to make me crazy SUICIDAL I can't escape.

It's not "just a noise". It hurts, like a fire alarm in my head. And my ears twitch and vibrate 24/7.

I've woken up in the middle of the night having a panic attack because of the noise. My brain thinks it's something I'm hearing outside of my head. Danger, danger!

I started taking Atenolol last fall which helps with the panic attacks, but not anything else.

I've been through the ENT and Allergist "flowchart"--treating me totally in the box.

My earlobs swell so that I can't get earrings in the pierced holes I've had for 40 years.

So, groovy Jay--Babesia? It could explain why the doxy has made it worse.

Thanks for listening--you guys are cheaper than a shrink and better too!
Posted by treepatrol (Member # 4117) on :
I use to have that quite a bit now its just every so ofton and its not bad.
Posted by jwenny (Member # 8831) on :
I have babs and I also have the sound of a million crickets. This has been pretty constant since I started babs treatment with Mep/Zith/Art. From the postings it seems like a few with Babs have similar symptoms...I never knew sound was a babs symptoms but then I read that babs migrates to the spinal column and targets muscles and nerves. Can anyone shed any light on whether this is from the meds, die off or babs?

Here's something really interesting the volumn of the sound increases whenever I chew hard or tighten my throat muscles....Is that feaky or not?
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i had mild to moderate tinnitus-went away with abx: amox, zith, biaxin all orals
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
You might check into the New Silver Solution (available at Biopure). A drop in the ears works wonders. It did for me!

Besides that it is effective against most microbial infections (malaria, molds, periodontal disease, burns, insect bites, inflammation of joints, eye infections, diabetic neuropathy, asthma, tooth decay and pain, etc. etc. etc. )

I heard about it after I got rid of Lyme, but it is being used extensively by patients I know.

Take care.
Posted by Northerner (Member # 4215) on :
Hi GiGi!

Could you please tell me more about the New Silver Solution from Biopure that you used to help
your tinnitus? How often did you use it? To what degree did it help your tinnitus?

I can't find this product doing a Google search. Do you have a website address that I could use to see it? Thanks!
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Northerner, read up on American Biotech Labs' ASAP Health Max 30

If you can, get the little booklet from that website and read it all. Biotools carries the product.

Do a search on google and you will get a lot of info on "The New Silver Solution". It works on
many infections! including malaria, molds, inflammation of joints, yeasts, sinus infections, ear & eye infections, etc. etc.

Take care.

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