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Posted by snowboarder (Member # 6346) on :
I was bitten by mosquitos on Sunday when I went out for 10 minutes. I feel like bugs are crawling on me sometimes and this is something I've never experienced. Thoughts anyone?
Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :
Hey Snowboarder

Sorry to hear about the crawlys.

Here's a thread on this.

Hope you feel better soon;f=1;t=045218#000006
Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
Good morning Snowboarder,

Sounds like the mosquitos followed you back indoors? [Smile]

I am so sorry that you are experiencing this was a recent new one for me too, and I know it is no fun at all.

When I asked the good folks here for ideas a few weeks ago, I was told it could be:

a co-infection
etc., etc.

Bottom line was, it could have been a number of things...and all answers were very helpful and enlightening.

It just so happened that I was beginning treatment after a few month lapse...and after a week of Diflucan, and upping my pro-biotics, and sticking to a very strict low carb/no sugar diet...

the imaginary bugs disappeared! [Smile]

Sooo, perhaps starting with the obvious might help for you too? How is your Candida doing?

Good luck to you,
Posted by lymemomtooo (Member # 5396) on :
My daughter's new bulls eye is in a spot where she was bitten by mosquitos..She was in a epidemic area at the time but also had been camping..Could have been coincidence and she may have had a deer tick on her that we never saw, but have heard that the bacteria has been found in other such critters..Good luck
Posted by snowboarder (Member # 6346) on :
Thank you Dana great information.

Hey Melanie I'll start with the easiest yeast. I feel yeast is a problem and my doc is giving me a script for diflucan.

Lymemomtoo I've heard mosquitos can carry bacterias. West Nile used to be big in my part of the woods not so much anymore.
Posted by Silverwolf (Member # 9196) on :
Hillooooo <<<<< Snowboarder >>>>> Hope the creepy crawly feeling is calming down.

In a discusion about bug bites, on the 'Gumbo Ya Ya' boards today,one of our Gumbo-ers mentioned having been bitten sometime back by a mosquito,and having some problems. Her Dr. said that there is "a 'New type of Mosquito' that most folk don't have any immunity to" in some areas now.

Little Conspiracy Theorist that i am becoming,my first tho't was is it really new? or are they just figuring out that mosquitos can carry all sorts of things? Like if htye bit a deer that was carrying Lyme disease and so on...

When I was taking Doxy [not long enough or a high enough dose] I had the creepy crawlies,and could have sworn somthing was crawling on me,especially my scalp.

I do hope you feel better soon...Jus' Silverwolf a'wanderin'.

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