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Posted by mycoplasma1 (Member # 6377) on :

Quite a few studies here. Even good for resistant bacteria. Don't think it will feed the yeasties. Apparently has some hydrogen peroxide effect.


Posted by Virgil and Mary (Member # 9602) on :
All my life I have used honey in the ways mentioned in the link you gave. We use it for burns, sore throats, wounds, I bake with it make lemon juice with it (for double benefit of lemon and honey) and so many other things. The only negative I have found is that when it warms up from your body heat, it runs more easily and so can get a bit messy!
However, I use the honey bought from aviaries right around us (not the pasturized store type where the enzmyes have been killed). I know that the source of the pollen is important for the taste and efficacy of the honey but I have never bought expensive honey and have had excellent results with every use I have put it to.
Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :
Hi Chris

I think any natural honey is good to use along with foods like blueberry's ect..

But for me the honey makes my yeast problem worse. [Frown]

It is not reccomended on a strick anti-yeast diet. It converts into sugar in the blood stream. If you have yeast issues or are on abx I would definetly say be careful.
Posted by mycoplasma1 (Member # 6377) on :
This is NOT regular honey. Do not confuse the two. It is antibacterial and proven to kill bacteria that are antibiotic resistant in the gut.

Read the link.

Be well.


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