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Posted by kitkat32 (Member # 9682) on :
Since starting my abx treatmenst several months ago I have seen a great improvement with my fatigue. Last month I had my first herx with a return of all my symptoms. That has since cleared.

For the last several days I have such overwhelming fatigue. Can't hardly keep my eyes open. My whole head hurts and my ears too. I don't have a return of anything else though.

Is it common to just get the fatigue and headache back with nothing else? I forgot how numbing this tiredness can be. I feel like I am sleepwalking.

At least my cats are enjoying it. I think they think I am turning into one of them.

Thanks, kit [confused]
Posted by AP (Member # 8430) on :
Just before my abx were stopped, I was sleeping more than 20 hours a day. The 4 hours I was awake (if I was lucky) I struggled to keep my eyes open, and my head up. It was a real nightmare.

I did see a little improvement with an increased consumption of electrolytes. I have a huge supply of Pedialyte...
Posted by kitkat32 (Member # 9682) on :
Thanks AP. Does the pedialyte do anything for you?

I know I have frozen ped. pops in my freezer. My daughter refused them when she was sick.

Posted by AP (Member # 8430) on :
Yeah, I drink it at the first sign of fatique now and get a nice jolt of energy.

I still drink lots of water, but water's not enough in my case.
Posted by elley0531 (Member # 9434) on :
try taking a super food.

I take Green Vibrance. It really helps. Fatigue was my worst symptoms but now I hardly get it unless I overdid something or an activity.

I take one dose of Green Vibrance in the am, and one with my lunch...both help alot. The morning one keeps me in good energy, and the afternoon one really helps with the mid day Lyme crash.

Here's a link to see whats in it. It has ALOT of stuff that help detox, give you vitamins and minerals, pro and prebiotics, etc. You need to keep it in your freezer though because it is basically a tone of different plant and veggie powders:

you can get it at any healthfood store
Posted by minoucat (Member # 5175) on :
Fatigue is my major remaining symptom, and it's a bear. It's not something that should just be lived with -- causes could be coinfections, viruses, relapse with Bb, adrenal exhaustion, low thyroid (apparently my problem), mineral/vitamin depletion (from abx and illness), high levels of toxins, and I dunno what all else. Probably a combination of several or even all of these.

Despite extensive Bb tx, I didn't get rid of my headache until I did the babesia treatment (although I did have periods of feeling pretty good and of reduced headaches). For the first 5 months of babs tx the headaches intensified (which I would not have believed possible -- I was used to fairly agonizing headaches that lasted for a month or 2 without a break. The only thing that helped them was Butalbytal). Then -- no headache. None at all. Now I just get "normal" headaches that respond to acetominophen or go away by themselves in a few hours.

I still struggle with major fatigue, but tx for each coinfection Bb, then babs, then bart -- really helped. Although I'm still very tired a lot, I no longer feel as if each step meant wading through waist-high running water.

The hubby had a relapse in winter of last year, and experienced a major, major increase in fatigue and headaches. The culprit was Babesia, but also viral infections (brought on, I think, by immune system collapse caused by the babs relapse) -- the standard LD trio of EBV, CMV, and one other virus I've forgotten.

After the Babs tx, taking Valtrex for the viral infections did an extraordinary amount of good in many ways -- reduced fatigue, finished off the last of the sweats, greatly increased cognitive function. He's far from well, but much, much better than he was in December 2005.
Posted by Carol B (Member # 9110) on :
Day is not quite over- but I hope today has been the end of my headaches and severe neck pain for a while-after starting Minocycline -have no idea if that contributed to them or not- only lasted two weeks-so i feel fortunate.

It is confusing sometimes when the cure is worse, or as bad as the bite.A couple of times I thought of going to ER,kept putting my chin down to my neck to be sure i could do it, then told myself to hang in there one more day-this too shall pass. And at least for today it has.

Grateful for small blessings. [Smile]
Posted by Michelle M (Member # 7200) on :
Sounds like me at about 10 months into treatment.

It was babesia.

(I hadn't tested for it, but finally got a clue and was positive.)

However, it's equally possible you just haven't treated long enough.

Headaches can last a really long time; so can fatigue, even in the absence of coinfections.

But I'd be SURE to check out coinfections!


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