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Posted by robi (Member # 5547) on :
I know many have experienced the feeling like you are getting better and then being slammed right back down again. I am in fear of that.

I have been on the full core Buhner protocol for about a week (4xday/4 tabs of each - andrographis,resveratrol,cat's claw. I worked my way up to this level but quicker thanis suggested in the book.

I also take Lypospheric Vitamin C, armor thyroid, provigil. I have been very lax in my supplements and need to get going on those again as well.

I feel pretty damn good though. 4 day flare around my menses instead of 10 days down! Low pain, medium energy, less fog.

Could this be for real? Can it last?
Give it to me straight .......... your experience?

Posted by Michelle M (Member # 7200) on :


And maybe it's partly that wicked Russian brew bubbling away on the counter?


Posted by Jill E. (Member # 9121) on :
A pal of mine is just in the beginnings of the Buhner protocol and improving tremendously, after quite a while on antibiotics - now herbs only.

Keep up the good work and please keep us posted. If I keep hearing good reports about the protocol, I will definitely consider it for my future.

Posted by robi (Member # 5547) on :
Oh yeah! the Kefir. I drink it daily in my protein shakes. Itis great!!! I ave been off all dairy (except when Tin Cup forces me to eat ice cream) for a long time but the kefir seems to be ok for me.

Thanks to Michelle, I am a kefir-ite now. [lick]

Posted by Michelle M (Member # 7200) on :
Man, I'm so jealous -- I never could think of a single reason to use that little tongue-smacking icon before.

I was kinda hopin someone would think you were makin some moonshine or something..! [Big Grin]

Posted by Al (Member # 9420) on :
How long have you had lyme? What ABX have you tryed and for how long?
Did you test pos. for lyme.
What are/were your symptoms.
I'd like to know how you make out!
Posted by robi (Member # 5547) on :
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Al:
How long have you had lyme?

I was bitten in Nov 2003 and diagnised in April 2004.

What ABX have you tryed and for how long?

I have done many ABX...minocycline, tinidazole,biaxin, ketek,vancocin (oral), Valtrax (anti-fungal), amoxicillin, mepron,artemisinin, plaquenil, diflucan (anti-fungal), doxy, Magnesium injections, I am sure there are more ... just can't remember them all. I was on ABX almost continously for 27 months. I was not sympotm free when I stopped. I was just too toxic and needed a break. Once I got off, I did not want to resume...... this could be a mistake on my part. Time will tell.

Did you test pos. for lyme.

I had specific lyme bands, a known bite and infection at the site of the bite. Also had Bell's palsy. Very healthy prior to bite. Not CDC positive, but undoubtedly Lyme.

What are/were your symptoms.

Many neuro symotoms nerve problems.Muscle pain, crushing fatique, mood swings, neuropathy, a lot od pain, buzzing, shocks, eye flashes, thyroid imbalance, etc, I had many symptoms. Bad case of neuro ..... bite was to the head.

I'd like to know how you make out!

Well I haven't done too much of that ......... been too sick .......... oops..... just kidding..... I don't think that is waht you meant.

I will keep the board posted on my progress.

But please know that you NEED an LLMD to help with this process. We are all very different.


PS I am not claiming cure/remission here .......... just that I feel better than I have in a while. This is very, very new and I am waitig and seeing with watchful eye and hopeful heart.
Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
WooHoo, yay, Robi!

So, so glad to hear good news. Yay, keep up the good work and keep us posted. I'm so pleased you have had some better than usual days. You sure do deserve them.

much love and continued progress,

(hehehehe still giggling about the making out [lol] )
Posted by robi (Member # 5547) on :
Hey TB .....glad you got that ...... was afriad I was being way to cryptic ........ but then you know me.

Now go to bed! It's late!

Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
that's so nice to hear. Best wishes.
Posted by luvs2ride (Member # 8090) on :

Robi, so good to hear. I'm sure you will probably still have some ups and downs but hopefully, like I have experienced, your downs will be less severe and your ups will get stronger and longer.

Posted by ConnieMc (Member # 191) on :
Whoaaaa gal! So glad to hear that. I have all herbs needed for this protocol and think I will go ahead and start this.

I forgot, do you have any coinfections? I have Babs and I know this protocol calls for Artemisinin.

Keep us all posted on how it goes...

Good for you!

Posted by sweet pea (Member # 6495) on :

I'm glad you feel like the herbs are working.

I was on multiple pharmaceuticals for Lyme, Babesia and Bartonella for 1-1/2 years. Had only a little bit of improvement, so decided to try something new. Have been on Buhner's protocol for about 6 months now. I am definitely better, except for irritability issues. I have noticed, however, that when I go for a few days without taking any herbs, that I have a minor relapse. But it only lasts a day or two. I also had my pressure/burning headache during the rainy period in May and June.

I'm going to keep going with the herbs, my LLMD told me to give it a whole year.

Connie, I've posted this before, but I thought I'd bring up boneset tea (part of Buhner's babesia and bartonella protocol). I drank it for 4 weeks straight, and felt an improvement. Now I drink it when I am on the 3 days of artemisinin.

Posted by Melanie Reber (Member # 3707) on :
Hey Dear one,

Just wanted to throw in a quick...YIPPEE!

Much love,
Posted by oxygenbabe (Member # 5831) on :
This is great news. Does Buhner say 3 days on artemisinin? I don't recall that.

I was going to post a thread asking how many are taking it and for how long. The book's been out a while now.

This inspires me to follow up with the naturopath in Mystic CT who was going to try his protocol on some of her patients. That was last fall. She should know by now how good it is. I will post here when I find out.
Posted by minoucat (Member # 5175) on :
Hey girl. Great news.

How do you get on with sleep and Provogil? I read up on Provogil, and hyperinsomnia seems to be a side effect for some.
Posted by TheCrimeOfLyme (Member # 4019) on :
I think its very good news. Remember, after being on abx so long, you tend to feel the abx rather than the lyme.

I was on abx for a long arse time, and when I quit, all my symptoms went away. It seemed it wasnt the lyme as much as it was just the abx. ( and it was no herx ) [Smile]
Posted by Alias24 (Member # 9365) on :
I have been on Buhner's protocol since the end of March and have been having more good days than bad. The symptoms come back at times but seem to be less severe when they come. I do remember the fatigue and tiredness coming back really strong one weekend for a few days but then it went away again. My muscle tone and strength has yet to return.

You can see the results of my first LLMD visit that I posted just yesterday with more details.;f=1;t=046139
Posted by JRWagner (Member # 3229) on : a past user of MANY protocols I must ask this question: How long have you been on Provigil?

Reason for my question is that Provigil alone can make one feel better, more alert, etc. After all, the drug is used for Narcolepsy.

That said, try to eliminate Provigil (it CAN be habit forming) and see what happens. This drug in no way fights infections... it just provides symptomatic relief, so you will not interfere with the protocol.

(I take Provigil from time to time...yes I feel worse without it...a scary thought).

The problem when one takes so many meds, herbs, extracts, etc., is that one never knows which "meds" work.

I DO hope this protocol works for you. Has anyone else had success with this method?

Peace, love and wellness,
Posted by JimBoB (Member # 8454) on :
Originally posted by JRWagner:

I DO hope this protocol works for you. Has anyone else had success with this method?

Peace, love and wellness,

Jim [Cool]
Posted by secondtimearound (Member # 7249) on :
I'm glad you are feeling better but I know what you mean about hoping it lasts. This disease scares you even when you feel good. I've been feeling good for months now and it still scares the crap out of me!

Loved the making out line, that was pretty funny. I hope you continue to see improvement.

All My Best,
Posted by Jennifer Geddie (Member # 9097) on :
Thank you for sharing your progress.
Posted by Beverly (Member # 1271) on :
WTG on your progress!! Thanks for sharing. [Wink]
Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :

Great news Robi!! Anythings possible. I hope it sticks and you can continue to feel better [Smile]
Posted by mag (Member # 8920) on :
Way to go!!! Keep it up

Herbs are working for me too!

It is up and down - but I know i am getting better

Posted by Vermont_Lymie (Member # 9780) on :
Great news Robi, thanks for sharing your experience.

Buhner's protocol is powerful stuff. I believe all the andrographis, resveratrol & cats claw are helping me too, but am also taking abx.

Hope you continue to feel better & better! [Smile]

PS: whoops, did not realize this post was from last july -- but what I said still stands, I hope that you keep feeling better & better! VL

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Posted by trueblue (Member # 7348) on :
Ummm... You guys know this post is from last July, right?
Posted by robi (Member # 5547) on :
Well .......... I have not been great for the past few months. Thanks for the congratulations but as TB pointed out this is an old post. (Thanks, buddy)

The herbs worked for about 3 months ......... but I slowly slipped and and slipping further. I need to reevaluate.

I will say though that they allowed me to Be off abx for a while which is good. Also, I never went beyond the core protocol. Those that know me know I lead a healthy lifestyle except for when Tin Cup forces me to eat ice cream (sometines times she makes me eat an entire quart of Blue Bunny oreo).

I am not giving up on herbs or saying they don't work ........ I just think I need to add more herbs, treat co-infections again, and perhaps do some ABX pulsing.

I would encourage others to try herbs. I do not want to say they are not good or helpful. I don't believe we can live on ABX forever, but they do have a role.

Also, I should mention that I was not totally symptom free when I quit ABX after 18 months. I have now been off ABX for 9 months.

Be well ........... all ya'll are great!!!

Posted by Truthfinder (Member # 8512) on :
Thanks very much for the update, Robi. The feedback from people like you help the rest of use make decisions about our own treatment choices.

Much appreciated.

Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :
hi Robi

I am so sorry I did not check the date on your post & didn't realize it was an older post.

combining the herb & pusling some abx sounds like a good plan. Have you tried garlic?

I have been doing rife for the last 7 months & seems to be holding my progress-although its a little soon to tell.

I hope you can find something that works for you

and you can feel better soon

hang in there & never loose hope [group hug]

Posted by JimBoB (Member # 8454) on :
By all means, Robi, go to MORE herbs. I never was on just the "core" protocol. THAT is just a small part of what I take.

There are others Iwould not want to be without.

Jim [Cool]
Posted by Jennifer Geddie (Member # 9097) on :

Another member here , efsd25 ( Ernie) , had symtoms that would return after stopping the ABX. Upon the advice ( and successful experience ) of another lyme person who got well, he began using a rife machine .

He has had success with rife, is no longer on ABX , and living a normal life. I beleive he
used herbs with rife .
You might want to read his posts, as they are very encouraging .

It seems those who get well here develop an arsenal of tools and have ups and downs, but
are able to eventually see big progress .

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