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Posted by surg (Member # 6937) on :
Does mepron ever give you a raw sore throat? It seems when I take it, it gives me a burning sensation down the throat for awhile.
Posted by david1097 (Member # 3662) on :
Does this happen right away or after a while.
Posted by surg (Member # 6937) on :
This happens right away about 10minutes after taking it. I felt it a little yesterday and more today. But today I also drank a little lemon water around the same time. So, I don't know if it's just caustic or is this an allergic reaction. It is now an hour and half later and my throat is still raw but calming down with time.
I'm just worried about a worsing allergic reaction. Or if just drinking water with the mepron may help.
Posted by david1097 (Member # 3662) on :
Does'nt sound right, maybe there is something on the mix that is irritating, especially since it seems to be getting worse with time. Are you catching a cold or something that may have made your throst more raw?

In either case, can you call your Dr and ask to switch to malarone. These are tablets and easier to deal with.

In the mean time, mepron is not water soluble so water will not do a good job of washing it down. Eating some yogurt or milk might work better.

I took mepron for long time and never had the problem, but now I am taking malarone due to the ease of dosage.
Posted by AP (Member # 8430) on :
I get that raw, sore throat feeling with Mepron. It's kind of unnerving with me, as I just went through a ton of tests to dx and irradicate the same symptons just before I started taking Mepron.

You're supposed to eat something fatty right after taking it, ie: ice cream, cheese... It's hard for me to eat fatty foods, as I had my gallbladder removed 2 months ago.

Even with eating fatty foods, I still experience the "rawness." (and, to boot, I get to deal with the consequences of eating high-fat foods right after GB removal.)
Posted by surg (Member # 6937) on :
I stopped mepron for a week and then restarted it again. I drink it with milk now and it seems fine. It might have been a sore throat viral thing making it worse. Thank you for your help.
Posted by hshbmom (Member # 9478) on :
Hi surg,

My LLMD told me to take mepron with a high fat food, such as a spoonful of peanut butter or some cheese.

I hold my nose, take the mepron, then coat my mouth with the pb. It's only after I swallow the pb that I let go of my nose. It helps cover the nasty taste of the medicine & seems to have prevented a sore throat.

Posted by jwenny (Member # 8831) on :
Hey Surg,

I have kind of a sore throat, hoarsy, raspy feeling while on Mepron. I always though it was the herx from the babs, not certain though. It seems to get a bit better after months of treatment. I am also taking artemisinin which tastes a bitter.

Hope you feel better!

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