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Posted by Lymies3 (Member # 1598) on :
It has been quite some time since I've been here.

Has any one in the course of research ever found any instance of a person acquiring Babesiosis in it's solitude? In other words, no association with Lyme?

I need to find some ammunition to use for dealing with the VA. Being negative for LD but positive for Babs has them stumped. Heck, rheumy even says he remembers me because I have "that thing he can't pronounce".

Thanks mucho,
Posted by tickedntx (Member # 5660) on :
I don't know but believe that Babesia can be present without Lyme. Try a PubMed search, perhaps.

I believe that many LLMDs will assume Lyme based on the presence of a co-infection since Lyme testing is so unreliable.
Posted by Lymies3 (Member # 1598) on :
Thanks. I've been checking but will have to go further. I'm not talking about LLMDs here, just your average docs at VA hospitals.
Posted by MarsyNY (Member # 7766) on :
Blood transfusions
Posted by tabbytamer (Member # 3159) on :
Babs & blood transfusion:

CDC On Babesia via Transfusion
Posted by groovy2 (Member # 6304) on :
Hi 3

There is no reason a person could not
have Just Babs--Jay--
Posted by Aniek (Member # 5374) on :
A couple years ago, somebody at the Hope to Heal conference mentioned a recent instance where a number of babies in one hospital all got babesiosis through drug transfusions from the same supply.

I believe it was in Connecticut if you want to do a news search for it.
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Papers I remember reading in the past told something like 'only weakened people (weak immune system?) could be sick with babesiosis only, specially people without spleen'. It is sounds possible then.
Posted by jwenny (Member # 8831) on :
I'm in the same boat as you. I've tested negative for lyme 7 times and positive for babesia.

Here are a couple of links with percentages...however not sure how reliable though

I think it is definitely possible to get one without the other.

What are you symptoms?

Best wishes!
Posted by Lymies3 (Member # 1598) on :
Thanks mucho to all of you. Fwiw, I've never had a blood transfusion and I still have my spleen.

Just as a background, I showed with Arthritis at age 22. Actually, I showed positive for Rheumatoid Arthritis at the time. Unfortunately, not once since 1982 have I ever showed positive for it again. From about age 24-34 it was in remission. At about age 35 it began to recur and an auto-fusion occurred at T1/2. Since about 2001 the arthritis has gone down hill very much. I now get flares that can cause very limited use of a limb for a period of time (e, right arm/shoulder, right left/hip). All blood tests regarding inflammation are usually only just barely considered "high" when they even do show so. Nothing ever shows enough to catch any one's attention.

Rheumy and Primary Dr have paid attention to the Babs connection with LD but since was neg for LD aren't going that way. Have had 2 Docs (totally unrelated in practice with each other) suggest Reactive Arthritis in connection with the Babs or LD. Yet, they don't do anything about it other than "continue with your pain med (Tylenol 3s) and anti-inflammatory (Salsalate) which are sadly lacking.

This is the only medical coverage I have at this time...the VA Hospitals.

Thanks again. I've bookmarked the references. I'd seen them before but realized they fit perfectly.
Posted by AliG (Member # 9734) on :
Hi Lymie3!

I tested IGg pos for Babesia and only 23k Igm pos for Lyme at a standard Lab. Lyme neg at another standard Lab. This was with my PCP & an ID duck.

I went for LLMD appt and this is what I got from him:

I "absolutely, without question, still have Lyme" (this may be because of recent tick bite which set this all in motion).

He also said, "Because of the severity of your symptoms, it is entirely possible that you may have been re-infected with these recent bites. It is also very possible that you still have Babesiosis.

Babesiosis and Lyme co-exist quite nicely in the human body. One takes down your immune system (Babs), while the other attacks you."

He drew lots of blood for tests, I'm not sure which. I know he uses the specialized labs. I think I should have results in about a week. If you pm me a reminder (I have really bad memory problems right now), I'll let you know the results.

I believe the Babesiosis can affect your ability to produce antibodies to Lyme, hence my CDC negative tests. I don't know what kind of labs the VA uses or which tests they have done.

I know that it is possible to just get Babesiosis without Lyme, just as it is possible to have Lyme without Babesiosis. I also know that it is much more likely to be co-infected than to have Babesiosis by itself.

The difficult thing is that Babesiosis can cause many of the same symptoms as Lyme all by itself.
One thing I know for sure right now, this all really stinks!!

I also know with co-infection, they have to treat the Babesiosis first before they can treat Lyme. Maybe if you get rid of the Babesiosis, the Lyme test might become positive after you build up some immunities if you have Lyme too.
But then again, it might not, who knows?

Good luck my friend, I hope they can get you well.

PS - sorry if I gave you more [confused]
Posted by Lymies3 (Member # 1598) on :
Thanks Ali. We did treat the Babs. I did four rounds of Mepron and Zithro. We really only did 1-2 months of Doxy on the LD before I just quit doing it all. At the time, there were three of us on LD meds - My Self, My Son and My Spouse (at the time). Fwiw, by this time I'd likely had it for over 20 yrs.

I will PM you. Get beter!
Posted by iceskater (Member # 8655) on :
My llmd has a patient who contracted west coast babs from a fly bite on the beach in a western state. Babs can be transmitted via blood.

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