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Posted by humanbeing (Member # 8572) on :
Since having LD, I have this thing about inanimate objects.

They are either with me or against me.

Chocolate chip cookies- against me

A big green salad with organic apple cider vinegar - with me.

My teenager's loud Rap Music-- against me

My snoring dog --with me

Cold fall nights - against me...

My warm electic blanket ????? I don't know -- I worry about the electricity and my nerves.

I used to keep my computer on my abdomen when typing on lymenet...then (maybe a coincidence), I developed new symptoms in my bladder and groin area!!! Was it the electricity from the computer???

Can anyone comment before I spin the dial up to high and settle in for the winter?

BTW, you guys are with me... [Wink]
Posted by Truthfinder (Member # 8512) on :

This is from the ``When to Suspect Lyme Disease'' essay:

``One helpful caveat is to avoid the use of electric blankets or sleeping in water beds with the electric current activated, otherwise you might wake up with one or more LD symptoms.''
Note that it says ``with the electric current activated''. So it sounds like if you turn off the blanket or the heater before you get in bed, it should be okay.

I am sensitive enough that I leave the room while the electric blanket it heating up - I don't even want to be close to it while the current is running. I may be mores sensitive than most, however.

Posted by humanbeing (Member # 8572) on :
Thank you tracey...I think I will turn it on when I take a bath, then shut it off before going to bed.

Do you think I should remove it completely from the bed after it goes off? Or if I unplug it maybe it will deactivate it.

Thanks Friend!!!
Posted by Truthfinder (Member # 8512) on :
You are welcome!

Boy, taking the blanket on and off the bed seems like a lot of extra work.... I wouldn't even worry about unplugging it - just make sure it is turned off before you climb in there. I don't think there should be any residual electrical fields present once the current stops.

By the way, that was a VERY interesting little story you told about the labtop on your abdomen and then developing new symptoms.... you were paying attention! I probably would never have made the connection.

Posted by lymiebean (Member # 10015) on :

I had to remove my electric blanket, the electric heating pad, abd the electric clock next to my head. On or off they made my nerves sizzle horribly.

All this emf sizzle was replaced with hot watter bottles, an amazingly light and warm down comforter. I moved the clock. It was a lot more work than just the click I used to do but I noticed the purposeful ritual was calming and the moving around warming to the body. Now, instead of being a passive warmer of me, now I am an active warmer of me. So much better for me. Even if I am almost too weak to move, I happily manage this slow ritual because just by doing it...well, little victories.

This is lo teck, I know, but the change was significant for me, so I'm sharing.
Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :
I know all the bad things about the electric blanket. But in the winter I turn it on high & then when I get in its soooooo warm then I turn it off.

If I use it all night it tends to "dry me out"

My moist heating pad theres no way I could live without it. I try not to spend more than 30 minuets at a time on it, a couple of times a day. But when my back hurts its the only thing that helps.

p.s. also love love the sound of my dogs snoring at night or day when we sleep togeather, its music to my ears. [Smile]

re: the rap- That would drive me isane. I have noise sensitivity & can only listen to soothing music.. You have my sympathys about the rap.Yikes
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
LBeam is right. As long as you expose your body to electromagnetic stress, you will never regain the full functioning of your Autonomic Nervous System and thus not regain your health.

Unplug and remove everything out of your bedroom. It should be a haven without clutter and without wires and plugs.

We pulled the fuses into the bedroom area and turned it on during the daytime.

Electromagnetism is a major problem in most chronic disease.

Take care.

P. I am alwlays wondering why people take on the name "Lyme....." as their poster ID. If you think the word constantly and even name yourself after it, your brain is bound to hang onto it. I have often been told - You are what you think. Your brain is the conductor. Why make it a constant compantion? Just wondering.

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