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Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
So for the past week after my enema I get a bad taste and my mouth, and then I get a really really bad metallic taste.

Im scared that its pulling mercury out of my liver and recirculating it with my bile.

I started taking chitosan again to bind to try and help.

Today was the worst though,, I got really dizzy and queassy and it felt like hot metal being poured into my mouth and down my throat into my stomach.

I was going to go to the hospital because I thought that I was bleeing internally?

GIGI r u there???????
Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :
are you using organic coffee?
Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
yes I am
Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
the water is filtered,

I did notice from the first couple times I did them that my bile would kick in more, that what the literature says would happen.

I would also get a bad taste in my mouth and an acid type feeling in my mouth throat and stomach.

NOTHING like this though. If this lasted anylonger then it did I would have had to go to the er in a panic.

WOW they would have had fun making fun of me there.
Posted by CaliLymer (Member # 6509) on :

Can you share how to do the coffee enemas?? Did you order your "tools" from a specific place??

I also notice the "blood taste" in my mouth. Especially when I burp in the morning.

Thank You

Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
Nothing speacial.

I use organic coffee. I dont boil it like it says. I brew it with filtered water in a pot STRONG. Then I add more filtered water to the pot to cool it down and then put the pot in ice water.

After that I fill my rubber enema bag with the coffee and then use pertrolium or KY to insert.
After that I try to hold it for as long as I can not more then 15 minutes.

I hear lots of gurgling and churning in my intestines. Feelings of fullness are coming and going now too. I evacuate and stools and the coffee comes out. Then its diahorrea. I feel a little bit sweaty and the taste comes bad after that.

Then I repeat and dont hold for as long.

I just get this awfull taste. I know its not the water, and I know its not the coffee becase I have drank both.

My fear is that its increasing the bile so much that its burning a whole in my stomach and blood is coming out!!!! Dont know if this is true or not. Untill I vomit blood I guess.

What a pretty sub................
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
Lymeherx, if you are doing heavy metal detoxification or neurotoxin elimination, it is much more effective to do a full colonic that works the 5-6 foot up the colon.
The open system is preferable for many people.
The Libby system is fabulous and open systems are less expensive than others (at least in our area). Today's models are spic and span. Almost like a toilet with glass pipes - so that at least you can see results (about 45-60 minutes).

I have done metal detox for years and have never been suggested by Dr. K. to do a coffee enema except in an emergency when I was feeling really bad and wanted to do something "right now". I don't think you will find the coffee enema listed on any of Dr. K.'s protocols directed at heavy metal detoxification/neurotoxin elimination.

I think I have done only one coffee enema in my life when I still had Lyme Disease.

Vitamin C IV following DMPS; lymphatic drainages; colonics done by a certified therapist - is what we usually hear from him and other doctors that are up to snuff on toxicity.

For detailed info, go to his protocols on

I would go into debt to get a colonic - you will safe money in the long run.

Be sure to replace the good bowel flora - the good bacteria - with the best probiotics you can find.

Hope this helps.

Take care.

P.S. If you have a doctor who understands detoxing, did you ask him/her??? That would be the thing to do.
Posted by Healing in Santa Cruz (Member # 7798) on :
Hi Lymeherx, Are you making this in a glass coffee pot. No metal is to be used and if I remember right no filters. Search coffee-enemas on web.
In between colonics I do my own enemas when needed and it works for me. Coffee enemas really help me with herxs. Take care J
Posted by lymeHerx001 (Member # 6215) on :
Well GiGi thats the thing. I know I have metals as I had amalgams before ...etc. Now they are all composite.

But why the terrible metal taste in my mouth after the enema. He wants me to do them just for the liver and for general detox.

It just feels and tastes like im throwing some metals into circulation when I do it.
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
The body uses every excretory organ to get rid of the overload of toxins, including the mucus membranes and the breath. You can pass on the mercury to your partner! The lymphatics are everywhere throughout the whole body - take a look at a body chart showing the lymph system - the tonsils are lymphatics. If someone has bad breath - it can be caused by the gut or by mouth infection - toxins on the move.

The body is constantly trying to eliminate neurotoxins vial the avilable exit routes: The liver, kidney, skin and exhaled air. The liver is most important in that process. Most elimination products are expelled with the bile into the small intestine and should leave the body via the digestive tract.

However, however, however, because of the lipophilic and neurotropic nature of the neurotoxins, most are reabsorbed by the many nerve endings of the Enteric Nervous System in the intestinal wall.

The Enteric Nervous System has more neurons than the spinal chord. My doctor explains it:

From the moment of mucosal uptake, the toxins can potentially take four different paths:

1) neuronal uptake and vial axonal transport to the spinal chord (sympathetic neurons) or brainstem (parasympathetics); from here back to the brain.

2) Venous uptake and via the portal vein back to the liver.

3) Lymphatic uptake and via the thoracic duct to the subclavian vein.

4) Uptake by bowel bacteria and tissues of the intestinal tract.

That is enough to tell me that an enema is totally insufficient. How far up do you think a quart of coffee is effective? It's an emergency measure only. People need to take all the mop-up agents (chlorella, chitosan, pectin, cholestyramine, charcoal, fiber/fiber/fiber) that they can handle. And all the other things I mentioned before are super important to expel the toxins that keep us sick.

Take care.

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