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Posted by geniveve (Member # 8646) on :
i just wanted to let you know that my doc gave me lunesta to try for my not sleeping.

the lowest possible dose. i took one dose and after about 20 minutes, i couldn't function at all. went right out. i mean, a death like sleep, don't remember a thing.

the dang house could have caught fire and burned down around me and i would not have woken up. i mean i was that out...O _ U you get when you have surgery sedation. you know....

so just wanted to pass it on.....

i threw it away.....i hate not being in control and that stuff is wierd.....
Posted by heathnicole (Member # 9313) on :
I know I took it and i feel the same way too.

The stuff makes me feel like I was drunk
Posted by Larkspur (Member # 5131) on :
My Lyme doc won't prescribe Lunestra - she has said it doesn't work for Lyme pts at all; I don't know the specifics.
I do pretty well with ambien
Posted by clpgotlyme (Member # 7875) on :
Wow, I wish it would do that for me. I took 2 and still woke up in the middle of the night, unable to get back to sleep. Couldnt take the taste in my mouth either. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by pamyla (Member # 8575) on :
We're all so different...Lunesta is actually one of the few sleep aids that I felt gave me a decent nights sleep. Ambien made me feel like I hadn't slept at all. But my llmd has stopped prescribing Lunesta because a lot of her patients were reporting headaches from it.
Posted by Foggy (Member # 1584) on :
The taste is scary! [Big Grin]
Posted by jblral (Member # 8836) on :
My daughter didn't have a bad reaction to Lunesta--it just didn't help her sleep at all. (She'd get two hours per night, tops.) Ambien helped for a few days and then stopped working. We've had the best luck with trazadone.
Posted by Etta (Member # 1002) on :
Both my husband and I are chronic "lymies". LLMD prescribed Lunesta, Ambien. Both gave us bad headaches, dizziness, sick to out stomachs. Lunesta worse than the Ambien--even halfed the doses, still gave us bad reactions. Stopped using both. Now we just stay up all night,play strip poker. Get dressed-undressed all night long. Geeze!
Posted by shutterbug (Member # 10333) on :
I can't take either lunesta or ambien. Both sleeping pills make me sleepwalk. I'll walk

around the house sound alseep until I fall down. I've gotten pretty bruised up doing this. Once I

woke up on the far end of my house in our back bathroom in the pitch dark, not knowing where I

was for some time before I found the door. That was scary. I've heard of people getting in their

cars and driving while on ambien, but I think they were drinking alchol also. I don't take

sleeping aids of any kind any more, my doctor wanted me to try xyrem, I did, and boy was I

sleep walking on that stuff. I guess it takes too much to knock me out and keep me knocked out for the sleeping pills to work.
Posted by hurtingramma (Member # 7770) on :
I haven't tried Lunesta, but didn't have any luck with Ambien. Slept for only about 2 hrs.

I am currently experimenting with Lexapro. We are adjusting the dosage every night to see what works. Seems to be helping - but I may be developing an allergy to it; getting itchy again! This is a common occurance for me. I am currently taking just 4 drops.
Posted by arg82 (Member # 161) on :
I take lunesta occasionally (when the meds I take for sleep everynight (not "sleep meds" but they work for me) don't seem to be kicking in) and usually I only take 1mg and that works well enough to knock me out and help me get to sleep. I know the drunk feeling, though, both from the Lunesta and from other sleep meds I've tried (I think the worst for me was trazadone - couldn't even try to get up and walk around after taking it).

I think all these meds affect people differently and we can't say that everyone will respond the same or that it won't work for anyone with Lyme. We all just have to figure out what works best for each of us.

geniveve, have you tried other meds or supplements that aren't specifically "sleep aids"? I take Neurontin (which I'm also on for migraines) and 5-HTP for sleep and I also use melatonin at times, the sublingual form, the pill form doesn't help me at all. Just some other thoughts.

Peace and healing,

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