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Posted by LC (Member # 7070) on :
Apparently the IRS has changed the rules of how and where people can use their flexible spending account money.

The link to the new IRS "clarification" is:

I'm not sure how many of you rely on these accounts, I do heavily for expensive homeopathics and suppliments.

Recently when I submit claims for reimbursement in the form of receipts from LLMD's office where I buy some items and Vitamin Shoppe, they are rejected. Never were before.

Any one else having this problem?

Posted by ConnieMc (Member # 191) on :
Under IRS rules, you have to have a statement from a doctor to state that certain supplements are recommended as treatment for a disease. Every year, I draw up a statement for my doctor as follows:

Connie takes the following vitamins and supplements as recommended by me as a part of her treatment regimen for Lyme Disease:

list each

physicians signature

If you send this in with the receipts, they should allow it. Vitamins and supplements used for general health are not covered. You have to have a statement that says they are taken as part of treatment for a disease or illness.

I have done this both when taking a deduction and using a reimbursement account and it has always worked for me. I never use the debit cards they offer as I would rather assemble it all and get my reimbursement periodically. Easier for me to keep up with it.
Posted by gopats (Member # 5218) on :
I have to do the same thing. But I've had no problems. I get a note every visit stating what herbal remedies I am on.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I'll have to listen to the tax CD I have again, but I'm pretty sure they are always deductible. I claim mine when I file my income tax return.

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