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Posted by kumba (Member # 7733) on :
Can only afford basics right now. so aside from the following any other important additions/suggestions??

aerobic exercise
increae fiber, low carb, low fat diet
green tea
increased water intake
lots of green leafy vegs

Most important supplements?? I will be on amoxy, probenicid, art.
Posted by 5dana8 (Member # 7935) on :
I like the detox foot pads from health marvels.

If I use just one a day on my foot they last a very long time. The incial ivestment of getting them sounds steep becuase I am pretty sure the minimum order is 100.

(I am in no way affiliated to health marvel-. Just use their product & think it helps)

I also like tin cups detox tea recipe alot & think this helps me the most.

Warm baths help some as it gets me to break a sweat.

Some people have had results with chlorella

One last thing I use when feeling really toxic is distiled water with lemon & a pinch of baking soda. I don't drink it close to meds or supps & keep the in take to a minimun.

hope this helps.

None of the above is medical advise, just my personal opinion
Posted by Aniek (Member # 5374) on :
Dr. B says no aerobic exercise. He also discusses supplements he recommends starting on page 25

In talking to other patients, babs and aerobic exercise really seems to not mix. I do vinyasa yoga. It has some aerobic to it, but nothing like a cardio workout. A full yoga workout, if you can handle it, should help with detox.
Posted by Dave6002 (Member # 9064) on :
Just ordered TUNG HAI CHLORELLA 16 OZ POWDER $28.93 at

Haven't got it yet.


Tung Hai is not without competition. Of the many brands on the market, the best is the one which best solves the problems inherent in the nature of chlorella. Chlorella, in its natural state, has a very tough outer cell wall which interferes with its digestibility. To break down the cell wall, some brands use heat treatments, enzymes, chemicals or milling processes which disintegrate the cell wall, all techniques that can damage the nutrient value. Tung Hai uses a special process to gently crack the cell wall. All of the nutrients retain their original potency, and the cracked cell wall allows super absorption of all that chlorella has to offer.

What separates us from the field, however, is what we start with. Our scientists have worked for years to develop a genetic strain of chlorella that has a naturally softer cell wall. Even before we crack the cell wall, our chlorella is almost as digestible as that of our worthy competitors. But after our cracked cell wall process is complete, Tung Hai Chlorella is second o none in assimilation characteristics.

Posted by klutzo (Member # 5701) on :
I don't see any Mg on your list. It's a very cheap supplement and Bb uses it up and causes us to excrete it in urine. It is absolutely necessary for the body and esp. for the heart and muscles to function. Take Mg Citrate to bowel tolerance.

For detox, bulk chlorella powder should be cheap enough and works great, while also giving you great nutrition...two for the price of one.

Posted by geniveve (Member # 8646) on :
i use ginger baths. buy the real ginger (looks like a root in the vegetable section. cut up several large pieces about the size of a quarter. boil in 4 quarters water. strain. add to very warm bath water.

epsom salts and hydrogen peroxide dry out my skin too much.
Posted by iceskater (Member # 8655) on :
I use epsom salts baths and podi detox foot pads from Snyder Health. The product is good, and the company owner is very friendly and knowledgable. Drink plenty of water too.
Posted by kumba (Member # 7733) on :
thank you everyone. Interesting Klutzo...I didnt realize Bb uses up our mg+, that might account for my longterm muscle twithces!!
Posted by kumba (Member # 7733) on :
thank you everyone. Interesting Klutzo...I didnt realize Bb uses up our mg+, that might account for my longterm muscle twithces!!
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Milk thistle and chlorella are my favorite detox supps.

I never forget magnesium (or I'll have cramps a few days after...). Difficult thing is to find a good one for your body.

I think lemon juice (maximum 3 lemons a day) helps a lot on detoxying too (and helps the liver too). I'm too lazy to squeeze lemons every day, so recently I'm trying the lemon essential oil (rubbing). It seems to work too as well as lavender oil.

Another good tea is nettle tea, helps kidney (but too much may give kidney pain as it is diuretic).

Garlic also helps detoxing. I use the frozen garlic capsules, it looked a bit expensive in the beginning, but I only take 2 a day with remarkable effects (on both killing and cleansing). A box lasts long then, it really pays back.

I'm recently rubbing a mix of essential oils (peppermint, cajeput and eucaliptus) on the head when I feel some tiredness or a bit of fog coming. I'm not sure these are 'cleasing' oils (probably not), but I do feel an almost immediate effect on clearness and energy. The effect is so strong I have to rest a bit for about 10 minute after application, then I clearly get some effects.

Just a few ideas that came to my mind...


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