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Posted by mip (Member # 9838) on :
I was on Doxy for 10 weeks, Omnicef for 8 weeks, and Nystatin for 10 weeks from August to mid-October this year. I felt well when I took three of them.

My LLMD told me to take Nystain for extra 30 days after off abx. However, I always felt dizzy after meal for about 2 hours when I was taking Nystatin along. So I went to see my primary car doctor. He told me to stop Nystatin and he tested my blood sugar. It is 100 aftor fasting.

I feel much better after stopping Nystatin, 95% normal. I know it is just over the normal (70-99). But my blood suager was perfect before, only 75 for the past two years and I am not even 40 years old. So that was a big jump.

I am wondering if this is related to abx and Nystatin? Any comments?


Posted by lymewreck36 (Member # 4395) on :
I was pre-diabetic for years. AFter I started my heavy antibiotic use for lyme and babs, my blood sugar became very variable. Zithro made it go up, biaxin made it come down, and did bactrim. Ketek put blood sugar through the ceiling, and so forth.

It is very important to keep the blood sugar testing daily and track how medications affect the blood sugar. There is research demonstrating that antibiotic can affect blood sugar one way or another, but I also believe that lyme disease affects blood sugar.

You have to cure the lyme disease, that is not a choice, but what meds give you the best clinical picture IS a choice.

So, I guess my point is to validate your experience, and to let you know to do everything possible to manage the blood sugar while on treatment for the diet, exercise, and take glucophage if necessary.

Best of luck, Mary
Posted by mip (Member # 9838) on :
Thanks Mary.

I am off abx and Nystatin now. My LLMD thinks I am cured for Lyme since mine was caught early. During the treatment, he did not test my blood sugar because of my good history.

My primary told me to monitor and maybe do another testing after a few months. 100 maybe not high for other people but seems high for me.

I am thinking to buy OneTouch to do testing at home. Thanks!


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