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Posted by kumba (Member # 7733) on :
It's been established that our body fat stores toxins, so the more fat we have the more circulating toxins. Therefore it would be particularly bad if you are overwgt and have lyme? And I think dr. B said nearly 80% of lyme pts gain wgt. any thoughts on this or articles you know of discussing this issue?? What do some of your LLMD's say about it??
Posted by Michelle M (Member # 7200) on :
Interesting, Kumba.

I like how much you're reading and learning.

You go!

Something to think about:

It's well known that lyme attacks the endocrine sytem. For me, I "coincidentally" became hypothyroid when I got lyme. A huge percentage of lyme patients do. I now have to supplement, perhaps indefinitely. This alone causes many people to gain weight.

Posted by Marnie (Member # 773) on :
Bb is speeding up glycolysis...using sugar, not oxygen, to make ATP...the energy carrier.

This is really unhealthy for us. We make a LOT (!) more ATP if we use oxygen.

Excess glycogen (sugar) is stored as fat.

In emergency situations (starvation), our body first releases a day's worth of glycogen from the liver.

Then fats breakdown to supply the needed glycogen.

Our WBCs and our brains MUST have glycogen.

When we eat food, we utilize carbs first for energy.

When we are starving, we start utilizing fats and finally proteins.

The reason for the "fat around the middle" is because the body is protecting the vital digestive organs...or is trying to. Look at pictures of STARVING kids in Africa. This means the person is MALNOURISHED.

Fat is "insulation"...conserving heat loss.

Research the impact of calcium influx on the thyroid (TNF alpha tries to prevent) and the melatonin-thyroid connections.

Believe me, they are there.

Vitamin E is stored in fat. We KNOW vitamin E levels drop in lyme. Vitamin E (natural, not the synthetic variety...please) works WITH selenium! Both are powerful antioxidants. They together, produce hydrogen (acid + mineral)...raise the pH. According to Mercola, vitamin E is supposed to be taken with meals for better absorption. It is very protective, in MANY ways.

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