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Posted by Leonard (Member # 10531) on :
I have the headache, back of the neck soreness and the dizzyness everyday. Some worse than others. Today it's very bad. I would not want to get picked up by the police and have to walk the straight line. I'd probably end up in jail with a 0.00% alcohol level.
Posted by Leonard (Member # 10531) on :
sorry, this was supposed to be a reply to a question on the medical group..

I guess I'm really out of it today.

Posted by lymesucks (Member # 10575) on :
Im like that as we speak...and have been that way every day for quite a while. Its scary and i dont want to leave the house let alone walk from room to room. I also have weakness, blurry vision, numbness, balance problems. Nice isnt it?
Posted by NatalieA (Member # 7714) on :
Hi- not that I like to see others with this, but this has been my "main" symptom for almost a year now. Isn't it funny how it gets so much worse with the stiff neck/shoulder thing? Do you find that your ears get more clogged and "poppy" when the dizziness gets more severe?

Although I can drive now most days- for a long time I didn't trust myself to drive-for months. I thought I was going to "lose my mind" if I had to live life with this constant dizziness every day.

Actually, this is about my second week of better days in about a year. I started plaquenil with doxy now, and it's too soon to tell, but I think it actually might be working!
Posted by Leonard (Member # 10531) on :
I haven't had the clogged ear thing. My wife drives when we go somewhere together. When I go alone I will never get picked up for speeding since I drive more slowly now. The bumps seem worse also.

Posted by tdtid (Member # 10276) on :
Before I got my diagnosis, I was sent to many neurologicst and every time they run you through their tests, they want you to walk that straight line with one foot in front of the other.

I would tell them up front, I haven't been able to do that for years, but since I could pass most all the other tests, they let it go.

But I can certainly relate since I said if I EVER got pulled over, I would flunk that test horribly. My balance got worse after the steroid injections, but I didn't know i had lyme.

Some is coming back either because it would have anyway or due to treatment. Hard to tell which it is. Still can't walk that straight line, but atleast I'm not falling over to the right like I did at the time I was having blood drawn for Igenex.

I do feel this is sadly a TRUE symptoms of lyme that I ignored for many years, just telling friends I had an "inner ear imbalance". Never any questions, but pieces make sense so clearly since this diagnosis.

Good luck in getting that balance back. It can be frustrating walking in to walls and walking crooked when you see a police in sight but hey...let them test my blood alcohol. I dare them.


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