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Posted by NATE (Member # 10694) on :
I have been sick for about three years now...I got so sick to the point I almost died. I found white willow bark...and that took away my migrain, and head stinging....I tested for everything, nothing came back on my tests. Never got bit by a tick, I lived in L.A. when I first got sick. I know what I have is contagiouse. It is spread through kissing...everyone I have kissed has the same symptoms as me. I tested for all the common diseases...syph, lyme,...all that stuff. I know it is bacterial, I took medications, and was getting better...but no Dr. I went to could tell me what it is. I have all the symptoms of lyme, or anything for that matter...but no direction to go. I fear for a friend of mine who I kissed who has lost everything and now she is so ill...all the same symptoms I had... I told her to take white willow bark...but her Dr.'s said no, it might interfere with her meds...I am lost, I wish someone would do a study on me.
Posted by gopats (Member # 5218) on :
Could you post exactly what your symptoms are, maybe it will ring a bell with someone?

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