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Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
Hi all.

My GI dr recently switched me to Nexium. I have been feeling pretty good lately. Until a few days ago. I started getting the tingling sensations back in my arms and legs.

I was reading up on Nexium online and it mentions it has magnesium in it! Now I know some people swear that mag is good for Lymies and others swear it isn't. I do know that any time I have taken any mag supplements in the past I have had HUGE flareups with my symptoms!!

Is it possible I could be reacting to the magnesium in the Nexium? Id hate to give it up because it is really helping my stomach out a lot. Not sure what to do or think!

Posted by Michelle M (Member # 7200) on :

Don't know anything about Nexium, Nancy.

But I was thinking about you today and hoping you were feeling better. Thinking, "Where's that NAL? Long time, no post!" And hoping that meant good news for your ailing tummy.

Posted by trails (Member # 1620) on :
i dont know the answer nal, but i am so glad to hear that you have had some good days and that your tummy is sometimes being nice to YOU!!!
Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
I was having good days yes untill all this started up again. Thats why I was thinking it could be the Nexium. Started about the same time I started the med.

Posted by pigwit (Member # 9059) on :
When I take Mag-tab-SR, I get some herx-like symptoms. I think that may be due to magnesium inhibiting potassium and messing up the electrolytes.
Posted by vachick (Member # 8353) on :
Oddly enough I have taken Mag to HELP reflux. I don't know what else it does, but it can actually be beneficial for stomach symptoms and I guess muscle problems, too.
Posted by Nal (Member # 6801) on :
Well i am going to switch back to prilosec for a while if see if this stupid neuropathy pain goes back away. I know that in the past every time I took Magnesium, these symptoms would flare up something awful and never suside. We'll see what happens


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