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Currently well-known functions of the Autonomic Nervous System:

Temperature regulation (width of vessels in Skin, sudomotor regulation = Sweat glands

Blood, venous and lymph flow in each body compartment, including the brain

Muscle tone regulation of both smooth and skeletal muscle (basis of ART testing)

Activation/deactivation/information of cells of immune system (most white cells
are under control of the ANS. They have receptors for ANS neuropeptides in
their cell wall)

Regulation of transport mechanisms of all cell walls (voltage dependent calcium and sodium channels, etc.)

Regulation of most mechanisms of epi-genome- activation/deactivation of genes (Rossi E)

Expression of emotion (Porges, 1997)

Innervation of vocal chords (voice)

Regulation of brain activity - via the superior cervical ganglion, otic ganglion and especially the sphenopalatine ganglion

Energetic sensory system constantly scanning the environment (via electromagnetic phenomena)

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