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Posted by eloise (Member # 128) on :
Hello All,

I took Sporanox a long time ago and had a bad reaction. No rash or anything but strange heart palpitations and feeling psychotic (how bout that!)

My doctor wants to give me Nizoral (since I seemed to develop a sensitivity to Diflucan). I am wondering if anyone here had a problem with Sporanox but did fine with Nizoral? Thanks very much.

Posted by AZURE WISH (Member # 804) on :
Did your dr know you had such a bad reaction to the spor.?

If not I would call and explain what happened to your dr before you take the nizoral.

If your dr knows about the previoius reaction to the spor., than I would call the pharmacist and ask what the possible side effects are for nizoral

and if nizoral and spor. are chemical related enough that if you reacted to one you should react to the other in the same way.

Sorry I really dont know but I find the pharamicists are usually very friendly and helpful.

Best wishes

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