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Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i am looking for something for inflamation that will not hurt my gi system. i think 20 yrs on ibu has done a job on me. buhner says astralgus in an anti inflamatory but then he says it is contraindicated for chronic lyme. i'm pretty sure i'm chronic-early 80's- so do you think i can use this or not?

i don't know how to use the buhner yahoo group and i am hoping someone will answer here. thanks.
Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
Hmmm, what kind of antiinflammatory are you looking for? For what inflammation or what kind of symptom?

To join the Buhner yahoogroup, see
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :
Hi, yes definitively join the Yahoo group, there are more people there usging the protocol than here.

I took astragalus for my immune system long time ago, when I started Buhner's protocol. It was an easy herb to take, no problem at all in any level.

Buhner said it's quite a safe herb, many children do take it against colds, etc. (he told me in an email when I was asking about my 2 year old daughter).

I wrote to Buhner once telling him that not everybody with cronic lyme is Th1 dominant, that are quite lots of people Th 2 dominant, few papers on that, and other confirmation here with members of this forum.

He said that he could expect anything with lyme, but that at the moment he wrote his book, he hadn't seen any papers saying about Th2 dominance.

I took quite a lot of astragalus, and I felt it was good at that moment (I can't remember how exactly did it help, as it's about a year ago)...

I don't know what kind of inflamation you're talking about. If it's bartonela related, I guess the boneset is doing wonders for me very fast (hand, skin inflamation, bone pain, and something in my head). A few other people with babesia/ bart symptoms also said good things about boneset.

If it's lyme inflamation, I can't tell if this helps as I don't think I have any more lyme symptoms... I think everything I have is more bartonela related (as all symptoms are very new to me).

If this is arthritic related, he's got other herbs specific for that. Some swear by devils claw. I didn't take that as my arthritis solved with artemisinin (?? yes, with artemisinin!!!) and core protocol.

I also ART tested astragalus for me (about a year after tick bite) and it was still testing very good (I was already having many 3rd stage lyme symptoms for a long time, neuro lyme etc).

Hope this helps a bit.
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
i posted here cuz i can't understand how to use the yahoo group site. i have tried for years-i just don't get it.

i have severe arthritis-probably gi inflammation and probably any other kind you can have.

i still want help if anyone wants to give it.

WHAT keeps your inflamation under control?

thanks. lp
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :
3 easy cheap natural anti-inflammatories you could try are listed below --

1) cherry extract -- can buy as liquid or capsules -- hubby adds 1 1/2 teaspoons to each cup of herbal tea -- helps mask bitter taste of any other herbs -- supposed to be helpful for arthritis etc.

2) ginger -- in any form -- works on both G.I. and as a general anti-inflammatory -- will also thin the blood slightly -- 1/2 or 1 teaspoon powdered ginger per cup of warm water -- can add stevia to sweeten -- may need to start with 1/4 teaspoon if you have gastritis -- may help with sleep as well as ginger has a small amount of melatonin in it

3) turmeric -- Buhner includes this for arthritic symptoms -- capsules or powder used to make tea -- can't remember the suggested dose -- may help with gallbladder problems as well

Hubby has taken all three of these supplements at the same time -- should not be any interactions as far as I know.

This is not medical advice, just my opinion based on hubby's experiences.

Bea Seibert
Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
thank you bea-very helpful.
Posted by JimBoB (Member # 8454) on :

Buhner does not recommend Astragalus with late stage Lyme. IF you have only had Lyme for about a year or two, you probably don't have chronic, late stage Lyme, YET!

But, since you have had it for 20 years or so, you would definitely qualify for chronic. I have only had it about 7 years or so, now, and I feel MINE is chronic.

I just ordered my FIRST Astragalas recently. I haven't used it yet, but intend to sometime this year; IF I feel my symptoms warrant it.

I take Devil's Claw religiously for Arthritis, and inflamation. I also take Cat's Claw for arthritis and muscle pain. Also take Smilax for arthritis and it is an excellent blood cleanser, so you have smaller herxes. Hu Zhang (Chinese Knotweed), is also an excellent anitflammatory.

I take them all and they help.

Do NOT take Cat's Claw with antacids.

I don't know HOW you tried to get to Buhner's group on Yahoo for "years". It didn't exist until recently that I know about.

I took Ginger, but did not like it, as it caused burning around my stoma.

Lastly, I also take Stephania Root for my eye problems, but it is also good for arthritic inflamations.

Hope this will help you. IF you don't have Buhner's book, please get it. You will get MUCH more info than you can on a short thread like this. Plus you MUST be careful WHAT you take in from a forum such as this.

I got into trouble last summer listening to all the advice from others who mean well. SOME herbs do not mix well together. Buhner has researched all he recommends and has worked with practitioners, etc.. Stick to HIS recommendations as much as you can.

Jim [Cool]
Posted by hardynaka (Member # 8099) on :

I suppose core protocol will take care of many lyme symptoms and inflamation. Your GI will not probably get hit.

Many many of us had many GI problems before treatment, and I don't remember anyone saying the Core protocol herbs messed more with their GI tract.

You can take herbs after food. I took them before. And I got a super sensitive tummy. Never got any troubles with the herbs.

As for yahoo forum, their layout is not very good indeed. But it's easy:

- once you're subscribed, you have to click on top left 'Sign In'.

- then click on messages (left, upper part).

- You can check under the message for all previous answers of that thread.

Hope this helps,

Posted by lpkayak (Member # 5230) on :
jimbob and selma-thanks. i do have the book. it answered many questions i had that no one else answered and also made clear he thinks abx are important. for lyme.

i tried to learn yahoo groups years ago for another lyme group (in maine) and couldn't figure it out. tried again wiht buhner and couldn't. i just like the way it is here. new leanrning is very hard these days. thanks for your help. esp the inflammation ideas.
Posted by susan2health (Member # 10446) on :
What helps me with inflammation:

1. Celadrin--health store supplement made with certain essential fatty acids.

2. Fish oils--only Carlson, because most have high levels of mercury and PCB's.

3. Very important: low carb diet.

4. Tumeric (curry) or boswellia (herb).

Hope you feel better

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